Star Wars The Old Republic: Podcast and Webcast information

If you are like me you like to stay on top of news that is being released about SWTOR, but you don't have time to play the forum game like all the kiddos.  One way that I have found that is very enjoyable for me to do this is through podcasts.  There are three that I listen to religiously and have found them to be a valuable source of information, insights and laughs.  For me it is much more informative to listen to the thoughts of these people than it is for me to have to sift through hundreds of pages of forum posts to find any relevant information.

The people that make these casts are active in the community and constantly go to all the conventions that have anything to do with SWTOR, like Gamescon, Pax, ComicCon, etc.  They set up interviews with the developers, writers, and community people so they usually have the best insider info out there anyways.

So if your interested give the podcasts a listen and subscribe to them through your Itunes, or just download them from each of their respective sites which I will link to below.

The first one I enjoy and probably my favorite would be Torocast,  the hosts are Sammoney and Musco.  They are absolutely hilarious!

The next one I listen to would be Darth Hater, it is very informative and very active on the convention scene.

The last one I subscribe to and listen to would be Mos Eisley Radio.

All three are very good finds and very stable shows with a good release frequency.  They each release new episodes sometimes once a week or every two weeks at the latest usually.  Sometimes even more if the news warrants it.

I hope you enjoy these shows, let me know what you think!  😎

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