SWTOR: Credits Farming Guide

Just like any other MMO gamer, it will be a very nice thing to have ample amounts of SWTOR credits to allow you to purchase anything you want in SWTOR. Having lots of SWTOR Credits in your pocket will not only allow you to gain more edge over your competition but also get to enjoy more of playing Star Wars The Old Republic.

Just think about it. Having lots of SWTOR Credits will let you:

  • Enter Flashpoints at an earlier level (simply because you have enough SWTOR credits to purchase much better gears that can withstand stronger enemies)
  • Fight mobs higher than your level (see reason above)
  • Equip not only yourself but your Companions as well, making them a lot useful for missions and fights.
  • Deal massive damage in PVP and take little in return (SWTOR Credits can buy you UBER-gears, right?)
  • Upgrade your Starship to be able to breeze-by Space Missions
  • Get more fun out of playing the game! (Well, you have a lot of SWTOR credits so of course it will be fun!)

Buy SWTOR Credits

What are the easy ways to get SWTOR credits fast without using SWTOR Credits exploits?

One thing that most MMO gamers like to do is to abuse some bugs and exploits in the game to acquire in-game money- However, it might not be wise to rely on this because exploits are usually patched and fixed by the game programmers quickly. If you want to make SWTOR Credits fast, you must try to avoid relying on SWTOR exploits. And most of all, DO NOT EVEN TRY to use hacks and cheats. You will be banned for sure and all your efforts will be for nothing.

Don't worry too much though, because there are 3 surefire ways on how you can create millions of SWTOR credits (although it might take some time to do it in today's latest SWTOR patch.). If you are seeking to make SWTOR Credits to help you improve your game experience, here are 3 steps that you can follow to pull off good results.

Go to the Galactic Trade Network, buy low and sell high.

The Galactic Trade Network of SWTOR is similar to the Auction House of World of Warcraft. This is the economic hub of the whole game server and this is where most of the money-making happens. If you want to create massive profit and accumulate millions of SWTOR credits in a surefire way, buying items low and selling them high is a tried-and-tested method for all MMO games (it even applies in real-life situations!). The problem here is that you have to know which items can be sold for higher than its purchasing price and you have to be a gamer who thinks "out of the box" if you want to profit from this.

You have to visualize the status of your server in order to know which items to buy low and sell high. You will have to rely sometimes on gut feel in order to pull this one off and if you do it wrong, you might instead end up buying items priced higher than what it is worth. If most of the players in your server are Jedi Knights, then it only makes sense that Jedi Knights items might go higher in the market, right? So if you can buy high-level Jedi Knight items, raw materials and gears for a lower price, then you can definitely make a killing.

Pros : Everyone can do this. No special tasks or skills needed

Cons: Choose the wrong items to buy-and-sell and you can say goodbye to your SWTOR credits (No, I am not joking! it happened to me)

Master a specific set of Crew Skills

Creating a special crew skill build that only aims to make money is also another way to create SWTOR credits without difficulties. (If you don't know what are SWTOR Crafting, Mission and Gathering Skills yet, you can refer to this SWTOR Guide). Some players try to become "Mat Farmers" by learning only gathering skills and mission skills in order to get the rare items that they can sell for cash. Others try to mix things up by learning all CREW Skills, but the problem in doing this build is that your earnings might not be as big compared to those who only focus in gathering raw materials. (You can craft your own items and gears though, which is an added advantage that pure Mat Farmers don't have).

Pros: Easy money if you can get rare raw materials that are in-demand in your server.

Cons: Again, this relies on the current server economy. If, for example, most players in your server and faction are Sith Warriors, then raw materials needed by Sith Warriors will definitely go higher in price. Thus, learning Crew Skills that focus in acquiring Mats for Sith Warriors will be the key to making you more SWTOR Credits.

Do some Slicing and Treasure Hunting

swtor-saviorThis method is somewhat connected to the 2nd SWTOR credits tip above. Treasure Hunting and Slicing are two CREW skills that can make you a lot of money (especially in the old patch where you can do a SWTOR Credits exploit for Slicing and make millions of SWTOR credits in return).

Now that the patch is fixed, the probability to find a rare raw material from Treasure Hunting and to generate a lot of SWTOR credits from Slicing is somewhat reduced. You can still make some money, yes, but not as big and as profitable as before.

Pros: Great for making money. Just send your Companions for some missions and see the SWTOR credits flow

Cons: This SWTOR credits exploit has lesser benefit after the newest patch which fixed the bug.

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