SWTOR: Dupe Consequences

On January 13th, 2012 a site posted a working dupe for SWTOR. So what do we actually know? Well, we actually learned quite a bit. For one, we learned that Bioware wasn't actually aware of who duped, and who didn't. What they did, was suspend or ban anyone who might have been involved... but not necessarily. We know this, because some people lost more then they were given by someone who did cheat.

  • If you duped  or even if you received credits from someone who duped, then you probably were suspended for 1 week.
  • All income you received even when trading on the Galactic AH - even when it was legit, was likely removed.
  • Bioware will take all your credits even if the amount exceeds that which was actually given or duped.
  • The only time items which were purchased with duped monies weren't removed, was when they were storage expansions. 
  • You don't need to cheat, to get a suspension.

What we do not know is how many people were banned or suspended who purchased credits on that day. And of those suspensions/bans how many were from duped credits.

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