SWTOR Jump and Fly Hack – Free Download

To use this SWTOR Jump and Fly Hack, you will not need any special installers, you will simply need to backup a file and replace it with this one, in the official game directory. This game hack will allow you to fly in the sir or to jump unusually large amounts of space - of course it won't help you, if you are in flight mode on your ship, only with your character running around planets and in raids.

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SWTOR Jump and Fly Hack

jump-fly-swtorWARNING: Usage of this SWTOR Jump and Fly Hack can get you suspended or banned. Showing off is a no-no and should not be done on any account you care about. Use at your own risk.


  1. Goto(..)\swtor\retailclient folder
  2. Rename Version.dll to Version.dll.bak (in case you want to restore original settings)
  3. Copy the hacked version to the game folder 
  4. Login and enjoy

DO NOT rename the file or it won't work.


  • Press SPACE and keep it pressed to jump high
  • Press CAPS LOCK to freeze the height (and fly)

Download SWTOR Jump and Fly Hack

Non-VIP Member Download | Mirrors #1 | #2 | #3

VIP Member Download (password)

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Credits to: Ring0 star for this SWTOR Jump and Fly Hack

2 Responses to SWTOR Jump and Fly Hack – Free Download

  1. Huseyinnamik says:

    Hi im having a bit of trouble making this work, I did everything step by step like it says in the installation instruction, but it has not worked? am I supposed to log into the game differently? it has not done anything what so ever as far as fly hacking………

  2. Spitt says:

    What happens when you try to login to the game, does it open to the character screen?

    Did you rename the old version.dll to something else? Did you copy the file and dump it into the correct location (where you game files are located)?

    Did you try pressing all the keys on your keyboard, in case they are mapped to an incorrect version of your keyboard?

    Can you verify the correct version.dll is there, and that it wasn’t written over by the game client on an update?

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