SWTOR: Pre-Order now available

It's come to my attention that SWTOR is now available for pre-order. By pre-ordering you will get early access to the game, however this does not guarantee a beta slot. What a early access key is, is a 3-7 day pre-launch play time. Basically, you will get a jump and be able to level slightly quicker then the competition.

TIP: If you plan on pre-ordering for the early access, make a crafter which can make packs. Crafters who can make packs, better then what are available on the vendors will make a ton of credits, early game.

More information on the pre-order and it's rewards is available here.


Note: We are still looking for a beta key/account for this game. If you have one and want to earn 2 years free access to this site, then use our contact form and share the information with us. We will use it to learn to level faster as well as to try to find bugs, glitches, and cheats.

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