SWTOR: Updated Spacebot and Crewskills Bot – Multi-Character Support

A SWTOR Space Bot and Crew Bot for leveling your character to 50, or for leveling your crewskills on each of your companions. This supports multiple characters. You will need to pay for the right to play space-missions otherwise this will only help you to level up your crewskills. This version supports up to 6 different companions to level crew skills, and you do not need to be in your spaceship if you are only leveling those crew skills.


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Updates from last version:

  • If you used an older version of this program, please delete everything from the old version. You can keep your settings file however.
  • Changed some images for the space missions
  • Added support for a 6th character
  • Updated crew skill support for 450 level missions
  • Changed the way crew missions are chosen: the bot will now choose the best possible missions available, and move downward from there per companion
    • e.g. if it doesn't find a rich underworld metals mission, it will scroll through the list to look for a bountiful mission, if it doesn't find bountiful...will then look for abundant....etc etc
  • You might have to make your own specific images for your own specific situations.

For level 450 crew missions, just leave the level as default Note: I haven't added or changed the mat names for some of the new powders/fluxes, but the support/images are in there...all you have to do to get the new corundum power, as per archeology for example, is choose default level and arti. - cortosis substrates, the same applies to any new powders/fluxes.

You NEED to create your own character select screen images!

This bot probably won't work if you're not using the English client, or English language...tested with windows 7 aero theme enabled.....works for me on windows 8.

Basic Instructions

  1. Open up SWTOR, log into your character (or from character select), open up preferences.
  2. Go to graphics, change "full screen exclusive mode" to 'windowed'
    • Change "graphic quality preset" to 'very low'
  3. Either through quick ui editor, or interface editor, CHANGE THE INTERFACE TO 'DEFAULT'.
    • Make sure you've done step 3, very important, or bot won't be able to find some things and stall.
  4. Repeat step 3 for any character you want to bot on.
  5. Log out, close the game, make sure you either have an icon on the desktop.
  6. You should be ready to proceed.
  7. Before you start any botting, play around with the bot's UI, and read the tooltips in the boxes, so you can understand it better.
  8. If you are having problems with the bot using your shortcut to launch, and isn't able to type in the password on its own, then don't use the shortcut, use the desktop icon, if it's not recognizing your desktop icon, then you probably need to make your own 'icon.jpg'.
  9. If you are having problems with the bot recognizing certain things within the game window, e.g. it won't detect that you're on the galaxy map, then you should try to create your own images for that specific situation, in the example given, you would replace "galaxy.bmp".

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Spacebot setup

Whenever you are ready to spacebot, you need to make sure your character is logged out in your spaceship, standing in front of the seat, with the back of the chair facing you...and of course, default interface.

Spacebot Recording

  1. Disable crewbot, enable spacebot and choose the character you wish to record the mission with
  2. Choose the mission from the drop down, make sure all daily/weekly check boxes are UNCHECKED
  3. Press the 'r' key to change mode to record (if you're in 'play' mode this won't record anything)
  4. Press the 'f1' key to begin botting and wait for the mission to begin, you will be prompted to begin your mission once recording actually begins
  5. Play the mission as you normally would, attempting your best run
    • I recommend only using the 'c' hotkey for auto-fire, and maybe 'v' hotkey for barrel-rolls in level 50 heroics
  6. Once the mission is over (usually 5 seconds left, no more fighting/objectives), hit 'e' to stop recording and wait for the bot to take over...important: DO NOT accept awards, stop recording before/when this window shows up and let the bot take over and accept it for you
  7. Press the 'f2' key to stop the bot, and you're fully done

Character screenshot


  1. If you followed the 'basic instructions', your game should be ready to be resized, open up the game
  2. Open up the bot, hit f6 to resize and let the bot resize the windowed game to 800x600
  3. Take a screenshot of your character select screen, making sure your mouse isn't over any character names
  4. Crop the name of the character you wish use for your first character, save the cropped image as 'firstchar.jpg' in the images folder
    • If done successfully, once you reopen the bot, you will see your character's name at the bottom of the bot window
  5. Repeat 1-4 for any other characters you wish to bot on, changing the jpg filename (secondchar.jpg, thirdchar.jpg, etc)
  6. If you are still having problems getting the bot to find your character, try cropping down your image to a smaller box

Fastest 1-50 SWTOR Leveling Guide

Windows 8 users

You need to set the bot executable to run as administrator or the bot won't be able to type or click anything.

Windows XP users

You might need to make a new charselect.jpg image if you're having problems with the character select screen....might also need to make a new minimap.jpg if you're having problems with the bot not recognizing that you are already logged in....you just might have to make a whole bunch of images based on your xp system


The purpose of this feature is to allow you room for error when looking for something, like lockboxes, or a mission lower tolerance means the bot will be very strict as to what it looks for, and will avoid finding erroneous objects. A higher tolerance means more room for error, so it would think a crystal is a lockbox for example try to stick to values between 60-130

Want More Updates? Please Donate to the Author of this Free2Use bot
or Donate $5 to get personal support

Official Download: Skydrive


Mirrors for Breadbot v4.0.1



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  1. Darth Sanguine says:

    I cannot get this bot to work right. It works fine up untilit try to open the crafting/crewskill menu

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