SWTOR: Use your Early Access code ASAP


So if you happened to pre order Star Wars The Old Republic then you are in luck for the extra early access that is now set to start December 15. Bioware has stated that the access will be staggered. This imho is a good thing. It makes it so that more then just a handful will get to the starter areas and that you won't have to wait 5 hours for a spawn near you. I remember when Darkfall did an all at once wave and people couldn't get in game for the first couple weeks. 

Be sure to use your Early Access code as soon as you get it. This will most likely ensure that you will get in the game in one of the first waves. The last thing you want to do is wait, and then get in on December 19th.

TIP: Pre-Order SWTOR, and then get in game asap. Level to at least level 20 during the early access, so that you aren't waiting for spawns or in a super laggy area due to too many noobs.

Note by Spitt: I pre-ordered from Amazon, and shipping was only 99 cents, to receive on December 20th, plus got my Early Access code in my email. Highly recommend Amazon to guarantee your own copy of SWTOR on release day, rather then waiting at line at a local store.

TIP: Close the chat window for the first few days. Expect a high amount of people complaining that the game isn't enough like StarWars Galaxy, and too much like World of Warcraft. This leads to more discussions and less leveling. You want to level as quickly as possible past the starter zones, and chat will draw you away from it. 

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