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All the gear in Star Wars Uprising have 3 primary stats, and 0 to 3 secondary stats. All of those stats can belong to one of 3 main categories: Offensive, Defensive and Utility. Only Offensive and Defensive stats matter for PR, while Utility has more intangible advantages.


Primary Stats for Star Wars Uprising

At the moment precise correlation between the stats in the PR formula is unknown; it is clear that there's no simple arithmetic addition or even multiplication, there's more behind the curtain, but at least it's clear that the addition of more stat usually gives more PR than comparison tooltips suggest and dependant on your other gear or stats (+Melee Damage gives much more PR if you're wielding a melee weapon than when you have a rifle).

For the purposes of this Primary Stats guide for Star Wars Uprising, only the category of the gear is taken, even if it's called differently. As such, a Vibro-Ax is the same as Assault Blade (has the same stats), and a Bowcaster is the same as Assault Rifle, even though there are no "Blade" or "Rifle" in the names.

Primary Stats

Two of the primary stats - Base Damage and Base Health - are simply a function of your character level and cannot be improved by gear, only by temporary effects (buffs & debuffs).

There are 3 primary stats that can be found on gear - Attack Rating, Armor Rating and Utility Rating.Attack Rating increases your damage, Armor Rating decreases damage received, Utility Rating increases energy regeneration and may influence Move speed (and probably Healing received, in the future, when healing skills are introduced).

All the gear in the game has all 3 of the Primary Stats, but in different proportions. For a given level, all the items have the same total primary stats, but spread out between the 3 types differently. For example, maxed out 4★ Items all have a total of 2000 in primary stats, but the distribution between stats depends on the type: an Assault Blade will have 1180/340/480, while an Assault Rifle will have 1480/190/330. Please note that in some cases the total may be off by +-1 stat, probably due to the way the game treats roundings (so you can see 3659 or 3661 total stats). You can see the total of Primary Stats on maxed-out gear per star level in this table:

Primary Stats 1★ 2★ 3★ 4★ 5★ 6★ 7★
Maxed Total 500 850 1,400 2,000 3,660 8,000 ?

Unlike in other games, the stat total is independent of the slot - a backpack has the same stat total as the chest or weapon, all other being equal.

All the gear of the same type (say, Carbine Rifles) has the same primary stat proportion, leveling up and upgrading just increases the total by a percentage (approximately 1.8%-2.0% per upgrade level, this might vary), maintaining the proportion.

Below is the table of the Primary Stat distribution, split by the planet you obtain the gear from. The percentages are "Attack% Armor% Utility%":

WEAPONS Blade Pistol Rifle
Burnin Konn Parry Repeating Repeating
Defensive 55% 25% 20% 55% 21% 23% 62% 21% 16%
Mataou Assault Assault Assault
Offensive 67% 13% 20% 67% 10% 23% 74% 10% 16%
Hoth/Bespin Retraction Carbine Carbine
Utility 55% 13% 32% 55% 10% 35% 62% 10% 29%
Anoat Duelist Target Target
Balanced 59% 17% 24% 59% 13% 27% 66% 13% 20%

As you can see in terms of Primary Stats, the Rifles are more Attack-heavy, with Pistols being more Utility-based, with Blades in between. The type of weapon also follows the pattern of the armor associated with the planet: Parry/Repeating weapons from Burnin Konn have more Armor, as does the Bodyguard set from same planet. The famous DLT20A Assault Rifle (like all assault rifles) has 74% of the stat weight in the Attack, which makes it the best for PR.

Now to armor in regards to Primary Stats (disregarding 4 starting sets, as they become irrelevant by level 15):

ARMOR Planet Head Chest Legs Hands Back
Bodyguard Burnin Konn 25% 39% 37% 25% 53% 23% 25% 46% 30% 39% 35% 26% 32% 18% 51%
Enforcer Mataou 29% 39% 33% 29% 53% 18% 29% 46% 25% 43% 35% 22% 36% 18% 47%
Smuggler Hoth 23% 34% 43% 23% 48% 29% 23% 41% 36% 37% 30% 32% 30% 13% 57%
Guerilla Anoat 26% 34% 40% 26% 48% 26% 26% 41% 33% 40% 31% 30% 33% 13% 54%
Trooper - 28% 42% 31% 28% 56% 17% 28% 48% 24% 42% 38% 20% 35% 20% 45%

With armor there is difference in the stat distribution between the different slots, with Backpacks being more Utility-heavy, and Hands with more Attack. Use this when choosing which item to upgrade first.


While there are only 3 primary stats that are present on all gear, there's a lot of secondary stats, but there are still only maximum of 3 available on a piece of gear. The types of secondary stats depend on gear type.

OFFENSE Description DEFENSE Description UTILITY Description
Crit Chance increases the chances of landing especially powerful attacks (Critical Hit) Dodge Chance chance to dodge an attack and avoid the damage Move Speed increasing this stat will allow you to move faster
Crit Damage increases the amount of damage dealt with a Critical Hit Block Chance increases the chance to reduce incoming damage by a large amount (Block Amount) Resistance reduces the duration of crowd control Abilities that affect you
Attack Speed speeds up auto attacks, charge up Abilities, and channeled Abilities Block Amount damage reduced on a successful block Control increases the duration of your crowd control Abilities
Armor Penetration negates a portion of the enemy Armor Melee Protection reduces melee damage taken by a percentage    
Accuracy increases the chance to hit an enemy Ranged Protection reduces ranged damage taken by a percentage    
Melee Damage increases the effect of your melee Abilities

Toxic Protection

reduces element damage taken by a percentage    
Ranged Damage increases the effect of your ranged Abilities        

Unlike Primary Stats, leveling up (and maxing) a gear piece doesn't improve secondary stats, they are fixed for the Star level. So, for instance, level 1/60 4★ Parry Blade will have the same amount of secondary stat as level 60/60 (maxed) 4★ Parry Blade. Upgrading the gear, however, does improve the secondary stats. This also explains why a level 1/60 4★ Parry Blade has slightly higher PR than 1/40 3★ Parry Blade, even though their Primary Stats are the same.

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Presence of the Secondary Stats depends on gear star level, too. Lower level items do not have as many secondary stats. Each of the secondary stats can be Strong and Normal, i.e. higher and lower percentage. They follow the pattern like this (note that Movement Speed only adds 1/10 of the stat, i.e. 0.2% instead of 2.0%):

STAT 1★ 2★ 3★ 4★ 5★ 6★ 7★
Number of Stats None One Two Three Three Three Three
Strong - 2.0% 3.0% 4.0% 5.0% 6.0% 8.0%
Normal - 1.5% 2.0% 2.5% 3.0% 3.5% 4.0%

Note the bump from 6% to 8% at 7★

The stat distribution is not dependant on gear slot, only on its type. In the next table the Strong stats will be noted by a ★ sign, to signify the higher percentage:

WEAPON Type Stat 1 Stat 2 Stat 3
Parry Blade Melee ★Melee Prot. Block Chance Crit Chance
Assault Blade Melee ★Melee Damage Block Chance Crit Chance
Retraction Blade Melee ★Resistance Block Chance Crit Chance
Duelist Blade Melee ★Move Speed Block Chance Crit Chance
Repeating Pistol Pistol ★Range Prot. Dodge Chance Attack Speed
Assault Pistol Pistol ★Ranged Damage Dodge Chance Attack Speed
Carbine Pistol Pistol ★Resistance Dodge Chance Attack Speed
Target Pistol Pistol ★Move Speed Dodge Chance Attack Speed
Repeating Rifle Rifle ★Range Prot. Dodge Chance Armor Pen.
Assault Rifle Rifle ★Ranged Damage Dodge Chance Armor Pen.
Carbine Rifle Rifle ★Resistance Dodge Chance Armor Pen.
Target Rifle Rifle ★Move Speed Dodge Chance Armor Pen.

As you can see, with weapons there's a clear pattern: all melee weapons have Block, all ranged weapons have Dodge as Stat 2; all blades have Crit Chance, all pistols have Attack Speed, all rifles have Armor Penetration, etc. This can be summarized like this:

Prefix Stat 1 Type Stat 2 & 3
Parry/Repeating Melee/Ranged Protection Melee Block & Crit Chance
Assault Melee/Ranged Damage Pistol Dodge & Attack Speed
Retraction/Carbine Resistance Rifle Dodge & Armor Penetration
Duelist/Target Move Speed    

For Armor, the stats are more straightforward. They don't depend on the gear slot, unlike primary stats, and are the same across the whole set. So it makes sense stacking them if you pursue some stat in particular:

ARMOR SET Stat 1 Stat 2 Stat 3
Street Punk Crit Chance ★Block -
Hutt Guard Block ★Melee Protection -
Survivalist ★Control Resistance -
Scavenger Attack Speed ★Move Speed -
Bodyguard Dodge Block ★Resistance
Enforcer ★Melee Damage Block ★Resistance
Smuggler Attack Speed Crit Chance ★Crit Damage
Guerilla Accuracy Armor Pen. ★Range Prot
Trooper ★Ranged Damage Armor Pen. ★Resistance

Beginner armor sets can only have 2 stats if upgraded to 3★, which is only possible if it starts at white quality (2★). Note how Enforcer and Trooper gear has 2 strong stats, having high percentages in both Damage and Resistance. Also note that Smuggler is the only gear with all 3 offensive secondary stats, the rest have 1 defensive (and starter gear has utility stats as well).

Primary Stats and Secondary Stats Conclusion

Elite SWTOR GuidesThe stats on the gear are structured and clearly predictable. After the initial rush for the PR to unlock missions calms down, you will be hunting for the preferrable stats on gear; also, with introduction of more trainers and new skills, and (hopefully) bigger challenges, more gear types and sets will become interesting than simply Trooper/Guerilla mix with a DLT20A Assault Rifle which is prevalent now. By that time, I hope my guide will help you.

As always, if you find a discrepancy or want something added, or simply find something to be confusing, feel free to comment.

Primary Stats guide written and compiled by Sarkat

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