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Tips, Tricks, Useful Data - SWUAfter playing this game on my Android, and answering countless questions while leveling, I decided to create a Tips, Tricks, Useful Data Quick Reference Guide for the finer points of SWU. It will give you an edge up while upgrading, leveling, and experiencing the game. I've tried to separate this into useful groups. If you have a question and/or info to add, please leave a comment down below. Don't forget to Like and Share this Tips, Tricks, Useful Data Guide if you find the info useful, so that this can reach more up-and-coming Han Solo's.

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SWU Tips, Tricks, Useful Data

Let's start with some basics you need to know when you are just getting started, and move on to other Tips, Tricks, Useful Data for SWU.

Tips, Tricks, Useful Data: Getting Started

  • You gain access to Salvaging and Selling gear at around level 9 or 10. If you're wondering why I'm putting this here just spend about 10 minutes in global chat in-game.

  • You gain access to Assault Missions at level 10, the planet must be opened up for you in order to run them (they open up approximately every 9-10 levels). Assault missions are your primary source for gear and weapon drops.

  • Sector Battles are available to everyone - you don't need access to a planet if there is a sector battle there to participate, just click on the Star Destroyer and start killing things.

Tips, Tricks, Useful Data: Chromium

  • The best way to get early chromium is maxing the starter sets (Hutt Guard, Street Punk, Scavenger, and Survivalist) to 1* MAX and 2* MAX. Once all 4 sets are Maxed to their highest tier, this will net you 600 chromium.

  • The next best way is to run opportunity missions on multiple characters, eventually the 150 chromium cost will pay for itself and more.

    • Suggestions would be to get a main character to 40 and qualified for T3 missions, then start new characters, get them to 10 and start running opp missions on them, and slowly get them leveled for higher rewards.
  • You can spend chromium on a number of things. The "tier-list" would be something as follows:

    • Inventory and/or crew space is number one, however this sort of happens "as you go" so it's not necessarily something to save up for. I've found a comfortable medium at around 180 inventory and 60 crew space. Feel free to spend a bit more if you don't want to sell crystals from time-to-time.
    • As mentioned above, create new characters as a way of "farming" chromium for the future.
    • Save up for a sector battle and use around 3,000-5,000 chromium to get captain or commander. This will help you with top-tier (orange and/or gold) equipment more than anything else, plus will give you a much higher chance of seeing an imperial opportunity (which, if reports are to be believed, is about 1% chance per SB opp mission). If you want to go crazy, try saving up 15,000 chromium and use it on one battle, this will allow you to continuously run opp missions for around 12 hours or more.
    • If you don't have the patience for the above, then use them on "good" chromium deals that pop up now and then. These are few and far between, but they happen.
    • Premium crane. Be aware that you have roughly 80% chance to get a green piece of equipment or crew member, 15% chance of a blue, and 5% chance of purple (these numbers come from my own observation as well as what's been posted here, they could be wrong if the sample size isn't large enough). Use this with caution, as green equipment is useless after level 30 (you want to start obtaining 4* - 6* equipment at this point). Crane can also gimp you if you get a bunch of guerrilla or smuggler gear, simply because it will take awhile to get the crystals to upgrade these (Smuggler gear and crystals are found on Hoth, Guerrilla on Anoat, you won't have access to Hoth Assaults until just before level 30, and Anoat just before level 40).
    • Don't spend it on anything else. Resurrecting yourself is the WORST thing you can do, because the loot table doesn't change when you die, just restart the mission. Rerolling crew runs is likewise not advised, as you're using premium currency for something that will reroll itself in a few hours anyway, and gives minimal rewards - especially early on. Also think long and hard before spending chromium on a deal, some of them are just bad. There was one I remember for around 1500 chromium which gave a 3* crew member, and I think a set of gear and like 20,000 credits or something. Horrible deal. 300 chromium for a lot of desh and credits, though, is sometimes worth it.
    • Don't spend all of your chromium if you can help it, there have been completely new events cropping up randomly that have disappointed people because they "just spent all their chromium." The 40 chromium, specific-gear grabs from the premium crane event currently running is a prime example.

Tips, Tricks, Useful Data: Player Rating

  • Trooper > Guerrilla > Smuggler >= Enforcer (with a melee weapon, they are comparable, or so I've heard) >> Bodyguard.

  • While leveling, if you are close to a PR cap, make sure you have equipment on that you can actually upgrade. Replace your starter gear as soon as possible with bodyguard/enforcer, then replace your bodyguard as soon as possible as it's completely worthless and WILL hold you back from PR tiers. Don't bother upgrading beyond 4* bodyguard unless you're trying to fill out the armory. Honestly even if you pull a 5* bodyguard piece from the crane I would say use it but don't upgrade it.

    • By "actually upgrade" I mean don't throw on a bunch of Guerrilla early on as you will be PR capped because you won't be able to upgrade it until after level 30. Work on Enforcer then get some Smuggler (unless you're going melee), then either work on Smuggler or Guerrilla depending on if you want to use a rifle (Guerrilla, highest PR) or a pistol (Smuggler).
  • With the above in mind, it's okay to "mix-and-match" gear while you're leveling, but get a clear idea of what you want at end-game, and work on obtaining those pieces. Don't overextend your credits to upgrade something that you'll be replacing soon, but if you're close to a PR cap, it's okay to upgrade a few pieces of bodyguard/enforcer to hit it.

  • Having all Guerrilla plus the DLT20A Assault Rifle will allow you to reach 4300 PR (Tier 4 rewards at level 40) with 3 pieces of orange gear, as long as one of them is the rifle and none of them are the backpack. You will be around 4310-4340 PR. No other set will allow this, and all pieces must be Guerrilla. If you have one piece of Trooper, you can have one piece of Smuggler and they should even out. This is through my own random calculations while leveling and looking at gear, if this is wrong please let me know and I'll correct it.

  • Something important to note is that PR is not "static." A certain piece of gear does not give an exact increase in PR, rather it interrelates with your weapon which changes it. Enforcer gear gives more PR with a melee weapon, because it increases melee damage, likewise for ranged weapons with +% ranged damage.

  • Something else to note is that "observed" PR and "actual" PR are different. The number you see for YOURSELF is your true PR, but someone inspecting you may see a different number. This is important to note if you are "comparing" someone else's gear to your own. In my experience, however, by "tapping and holding" on their gear to see the specific stats, the + or - number relating to your own gear is a true reflection (in other words if you're wearing 5* max trooper pants and you observe someone with 5* max Guerilla, you'll likely see -67 or so PR if you tap and hold that gear, which is true). Someone correct me if I'm wrong on this, it's just what I've observed.

  • At the end of the day, PR isn't the end-all to this game, T4 rewards are better than T3, but the game is still more than playable at T3 - if you want to use Smuggler, use Smuggler. A lot of people believe Smuggler does more damage than Guerrilla, which is likely true given the bonuses. Hell, if you want to use bodyguard, use it.

Tips, Tricks, Useful Data: Crew

  • It's better to have twenty 3* crew than five 4* crew, twenty 3* crew, and eight 2* crew. Your crew runs will be WAY off and hard to do. Try to upgrade your crew as evenly as possible, twenty 3* crew is the dream, not necessarily the reality, but the closer you can get to having all crew of roughly equal level, the better. Sometimes not upgrading a crew member is the way to go. Sometimes even not using a crew member (say you got a 5* from an opportunity mission or something) is best so that they don't level beyond the rest of your crew.

    • This is particularly true for sector battles, there is a crew run at 3 stars that rewards 2 battle plans, I haven't seen another one that does this since leveling my crew past this, which is a shame as it helps immensely. I'm running into 6* dangerous SB missions now that I simply can't do, which brings my totals down considerably.
    • Think of it this way - one battle plan is worth 2200/3200/5600 VP divided by 5 (so 410, 610, and 1120 VP), depending on your reward tier. The VP gained on a crew run is between 50 and 350. The battle plan is worth FAR more than the flat VP, opt for more missions at less flat VP. This also holds for regular runs, more missions will net you more overall benefit than "higher" missions that you can't really do effectively.

Tips, Tricks, Useful Data: Upgrading

  • Upgrading Desh is always a 4:1 ratio. No matter the level, it always nets you a 2.5% increase in experience for a 12.5% increase in overall credits cost. In 99% of cases this isn't really worth it. There are a few exceptions:

    • Upgrading from 11 to 20 you will find that sometimes using gray desh you'll end up with only 4 experience off of 20, or something ridiculous (I can't remember the exact combination, only that I hit it sometimes. I think it's when you upgrade to 17 or 19 using white desh and then the rest of the way with gray, but don't quote me on it). It's worth it to upgrade 4 pieces of gray to white in this case so you "keep" one desh, as it increases the total experience gained by 40 (1640 as opposed to 1600).
    • Another case is if you have hundreds of thousands of credits with nothing to spend them on, you may as well upgrade your desh, save some inventory space, and net yourself extra xp, however small.
    • Whatever you do, it is NEVER worth it to upgrade desh if you are also selling ANY desh. Don't upgrade your purple to orange and then sell your gray, this is a net loss in experience AND credits.
  • Crystals become exponentially harder to upgrade, it starts at six for 1* to 2*, and works its way up to ten where it hits a ceiling (as far as I know). Honestly at end game it's not worth upgrading your 1* crystals unless you need the 2* variant, just sell them.

    • The exception is ALWAYS keep your agrocite, you need it to upgrade crew and it's really hard to get low-leveled agrocite unless you want to waste your day on T1 Bespin assaults.
  • Always upgrade your weapon first. It gives you the highest PR of all your gear, and increases your damage the most (duh). Unless you straight up have the crystals to upgrade another piece, make sure you're farming Mataou to get your weapon up to snuff (assuming you're smart and got an "assault" class weapon at least).

    • Always upgrade your backpack last, it gives you the least return as it is your "utility-focused" gear, therefore has the least impact on both your PR and your overall damage/damage reduction. It will increase energy regen and apparently run-speed (??? I haven't noticed this but some people swear it's true), but I don't think this marginal increase is worth the losses in damage and armor.
    • While on this subject, note that gear-sets have specific "stats" they are strong in (besides Guerilla, which is balanced), but different gear pieces are also focused on specific types. Chest and Pants are defensive-heavy, gloves are offense-heavy, backpack is utility-heavy, and head is balanced. Your weapon is obviously almost entirely offensive - much more so than your gloves, which is why Mataou is the best place to farm these. At least until Kabam gives utility a purpose other than energy regen.
  • High-risk, high-reward option to upgrade gear to 6* is to upgrade your gear to 5* and salvage them. This will usually result in a 5* gear-type crystal (Kiax, Carbonite, Aurodium, or Lanthanide), however if it results in a faction crystal (Berubium, Lothalite, or Chunah) you've just come out ahead! Following this method you may end up with 3 gear-types before you get any faction-types (at which point you want to just upgrade crystals directly) which results in a net loss (which basically means you spent an extra 9 crystals to get your 3 pieces of 5* faction crystals). However, statistically speaking you will come out ahead more often than not, especially if you get TWO (or three, obviously) faction crystals.

    • The math on this is roughly 4:1 chances of getting a gear-type over a faction-type. It could be as high as 5:1 though. Once you have three gear-type 6* crystals, your ratio of getting another faction crystal through this method bumps up to 12:1 (costs three to upgrade, at a 4:1 ratio, it would be 15:1 if the ratio is actually 5:1), as opposed to 10:1 for straight upgrading. However since when you start you need three of both, you have a safety net, so to speak, to try this method out resulting in a net gain if you get it within three tries.
  • The safer option is to just straight upgrade everything, though this requires 30 faction crystals, which is around 120-150 pieces of gear, which again is close to 60 or so assault missions, equaling 12 days minimum. Unless you get a lucky opportunity in that time that awards a 5* faction crystal that you need.

    • Once you have all the gear-type crystals you need, you can start selling them for a profit of over 7,000 credits per crystal (four star), this will end up being about 50,000 per day if you're running all 5 assaults each day.

Tips, Tricks, Useful Data: Miscellaneous

  • This took me a while to notice, but opportunity missions will tell you how "good" they are through the same star-tiering system as gear. When you talk to the mission giver, you'll see stars from 1-7 at the heading of the text, this doesn't tell you what the rewards are, necessarily, but gives you a good idea going in how good it's going to be. A 7-star reward, for instance, is usually over 200 chromium or a 6* (yes, six-star, orange) crystal. Apparently 5* gear can be had through the higher-tier opportunities but I personally haven't seen it.

  • If you need 4* agrocite and your cartel assault mission is not on the planet you're currently farming, it's still worth spending one assault doing these, in my opinion, as it has a 50% chance of dropping agrocite - as opposed to the 20% chance (or so) to drop a weapon and the 25% chance to get the agrocite from salvaging which equals 5% chance per assault, 25% chance per day (unless you spend time trying to reset the loot table, which isn't worth it, in my opinion, unless you only need one or two more crystals). If it doesn't drop the agrocite and you don't need the faction crystal, you can always sell it (or hang onto it for the future, you never know when you'll want to complete the armory), which is an extra 7,000 credits.

  • Hoth repeatables (and assault missions) are currently bugged and sometimes give less rewards than normal. That being said, "Standard" 4* Smuggler gear currently (until next update) always salvages to the faction crystal, and Hoth repeatables are BY FAR the best place to find desh. The drop rate on purple and blue desh is much higher than most other places, even the level 25 tier 3. This makes Smuggler the easiest gear to upgrade, currently (because you can farm Bespin for the carbonite), and makes Hoth just a prime place to go if you don't really know where to go. Note that next update ALL of this may change, and that could be as soon as mid-November.

  • You'll hear people talk about "resetting the loot table" for missions. This can be done on ANYTHING, including story missions. If you don't like your drops, you can quit the mission (there's no penalty for this, currently), run another mission and complete it, then run your desired loot-table reset mission again and the drops will be different. This means drops are on a "seed" programming scheme, and therefore you use that specific "seed" on a different planet, causing it to change the seed for you when you rerun your desired mission. A great way to do this is to wait to use your opportunity missions until after your assaults, if you don't like an assault (or story) just run the opportunity mission since the drops here are bad anyway. Unless you need repeatables for desh and then just run those! 🙂

    • Elite SWTOR GuidesThanks to johnnyfiv3 and sleeptwitch1 for this tidbit: You don't actually have to complete the mission. Just quit the current mission, start up a different one, quit THAT one, and then restart the mission you want to reset the loot table on. You should see different drops.

Happy hunting guys! Let me know of any questions or additions in the comments below that you have about this Tips, Tricks, Useful Data Guide, and again don't forget to Like and Share if this was helpful!

Guide written by LedgeEndDairy

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