SC2: 3 Major Mistakes to Avoid, become a pro player

Although it might be true that a pro StarCraft 2 player might know more strategies then a good StarCraft 2 player, but that isn't what makes them better. What really makes a pro StarCraft 2 player better is that they simply make fewer mistakes. Of course the pros still make mistake but overall they would make less mistakes in a game than most people would. So, one of the keys to become a successful StarCraft 2 player is not, not making any mistakes at all, but avoid making too many or big mistakes like the following 3.

Not Scouting

The biggest mistake that anyone can make in StarCraft 2 is by assuming the strategy your opponent is going to use. StarCraft 2 is a game of information, the more information you have the better you're off at winning a game.

Scouting is the key of gaining useful information, and the rule of thumb for scouting is to be always scouting. You should scout in the beginning of the game, during the middle of a game, and even at the end of the game. Never ever stop scouting; this mistake will cost you to loss many games.

Over Saturating You're Resources

It is always a good idea has a lot of workers, and it is definitely a good idea to fully saturate your resources. However the mistake that a lot of new StarCraft 2 player make is that they over saturate their resources.

The thing is if you under saturate you resources the worse is that you don't get the most amount of resources per second. But if you over saturate your resources you actually don't gain extra minerals or gas per second and yet you waste however many extra worker you have on the resources.

Not Expanding or Expanding Too Late

Having a resource advantage is extremely important to winning a game on the And one of the ways to gain that resource advantage other than fully saturating your main base resources is to expand and create a 2nd, 3rd, or sometime even 4th base.

The mistake that a lot of newbies make is that they either never expand because they are too busy producing units or attacking/defending. Or they expand way too late in the game and they have already run out of resources in their main base, so now their economy has come to a halt. Never ever make this mistake, now as for when to expand it really depends on your build, but it is always a good idea to expand early then late.

There are many more mistakes that I often see newbies do, and I don't have time to mention them all. So check out our other guides and strategies to get more tips for StarCraft 2.

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