SC2: Why we Scout in all stages of the game

If you ever feel like you're in the dark and just waiting to get steamrolled by something you're not expecting, be sure to read this guide.

Early game scouting is of utmost importance because you can see if your opponent is going for heavy gas for teching up or if they are building many barracks or gateways to try and pump out early ground units for a rush. Early game scouting can also be very beneficial in 2v2's. If you see that one of your opponents has made early defenses and his teammate has not you can then pump out ground units with your teammate for an early rush. When you attack the one that doesn't have much defenses with your teammate simultaneously it can be pretty crippling to the opponent. Because his partner doesn't have any troops to send over if he spent to many minerals early on photon cannons. So essentially its a 2v1 attack early in the game and you will cripple your opponent by taking out his partner.

Mid to late game scouting can be of utmost importance as well. If you send out a marine in each base it will let you know if they are trying to expand, in turn you can counter them and keep them contained in their opening base. Whenever you can prevent them from making a new base you are hurting your opponent badly. Because that means you are controlling the map, and eventually he will run out of resources in his opening base and it will be a "gg" if you have been making the right units to counter his.

Whenever you are NOT scouting you are playing the game blind. If you are just building units you are essentially just hoping that your army will beat his. But if you are scouting you will find out that your opponent might be going all ground and a few banshees that are stealthed will do quite a number on his army. Also by scouting you will find out where your opponents base is weak so you can in turn attack there.

Just remember, when you effectively scout it lets you know what your opponent is doing, then you can create the required units to effectively counter them. It can also put them on edge, because they know you aren't an easy target who only scouts once.

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