Shokz Video Leak – ZvP 2 Base Hydra Rush

Shokz Video Leak Zerg vs Protoss - 2 Base Hydra Rush

Shokz Video LeakOnce in a while I like to check out some guides over at Shokz, to see what's new on their site. At a whopping 285 videos, with more being produced every week, it's hard to imagine watching them all, or not finding something new.

This ZvP 2 Base Hydra Rush video guide which is a members only Shokz Video Leak, will teach you how to 2 Base hydra rush against a Protoss opponent, in a Zerg vs Protoss matchup. This build is very good against a Protoss player who is going for the Stargate build or a heavy Gateway build.

Follow the ZvP 2 Base Hydra Rush video guide, as it will teach you exactly what to do, and when to do it, in an easy to follow step by step manner. Note the resources and timing, as the more precise you are, the more successful you will be.

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