Starcraft 2: Best Game Hacks & Trainers

Best Game Hacks & Trainers


Here are 3 different game hacks aka trainers, which you can use to really futz up the AI - or others.  As with all hacks, it's use at your own risk. However whats a game, if it doesn't have some cheats in it, right?

We have an All-in-One Hack, Resource Hack, & Fog of War hack.  We have determined these to be the best of the bunch, even though there are other games hacks which do similar things.

Malu05's Starcraft 2 Tool v0.2 (AIO)

by Malu05

This tool is version independent, this means that you don't need to update it every time Blizzard release a new patch for Starcraft 2 beta, it will automatically find the new offsets.

Map Hack - Removes fog of war, and let you see everything on the map.
Instant Build - Units and Buildings will build instantly.
Unlimited Supply - Freezes the supply count letting you build as many units as you want.
Distance - Let you dynamically change the camera distance ingame.
FOV - Let you dynamically change the Field of View ingame.
Pitch - Let you dynamically change the Pitch (rotation) ingame.
Roll - Let you dynamically change the Roll (rotation) ingame.
Minerals - Let you set how many minerals you want.
Gas - Let you set how much gas you want.
GameSpeed - Let you dynamically change the game speed
Unlimited Zoom - Removes the limit on how much you can zoom in/out with your scroll wheel

(Vista and Win7 users with UAC turned on MUST rightclick the exe and select "Run as Administrator")

Download Malu05's Starcraft Tool

Edit: v0.2_b
-Instant Build (no build time for both units and buildings)
-BlackSheepWall (No fog of war, everything on the map visible)
-Supply Hack (will stop the PSI number from changing allowing you to build unlimited units (even more than 200)).
-More checks during pattern scan to avoid problems with file acess.
-Added Debuging Code.
-Fake SC2 processes no longer appear in the process selection list.
-Fixed a problem that would cause problems if you use multiple versions of SC2

Note: This may show as a virus/trojan - it's actually an AutoIt compiled macro - which occasionally shows as a trojan on some AV programs.  It's not, but if you don't want to risk it, then don't use it.

If you don't know who Malu05 is, then you are new to the Blizzard game hack scene.  After Blizzard fixed the teleportation in WoW, he made a new warp hack.  Many hacks have been based on his work.

SCII Simple Mineral/Gas Trainer

Top Starcraft II Strategy Guide

by tony_the_m

A simple trainer for Minerals and Gas.

Trainer tested with: StarCraft II Launcher and StarLauncher.

Instructions (just for newbie computer users)

1. Download the trainer with your internet browser and save it in your computer.

2. Run the trainer by double click on it

3. In case you have User Account Control enabled a similar window will appear; just click the button "yes" to continue.

4. A new window will appear which means that the trainer is running.

5. Now run your Starcraft 2 game.

6. Enable the trainer by pressing the following keys:

-F1: give 2000 Minerals and prevent them from decreasing.

-F2: give 2000 Gas and prevent them from decreasing.


Download Simple Mineral/Gas Trainer

We put this as our best, because it allows you to choose which resource and how many you want.  There are similar ones out there, but this is easiest and simplest.

CraniX' Maphack

by CraniX

Press ` to activate dark style maphack

Press 1 for player 1's view
Press 2 for player 2's view
Press 3 for player 3's view
Press 4 for player 4's view

Download CraniX Maphack

This is a really simple Fog-of-War game hack, which does exactly what it's supposed to, to reveal what the other players are doing.  It's precise and simple.

12 Responses to Starcraft 2: Best Game Hacks & Trainers

  1. chris says:

    the malau hack says “CANNOT FIND OFFSET 5 ): must download new version!


  2. Spitt says:

    That was a known bug, updated to latest version, .2b

  3. Digitalgoth says:

    I have version .2b and it can’t find offset 4. Windows Vista Ultimate, retail version of game with current patch as of this post. I’d love it if this would work!

  4. Drake says:

    I have the same problem as Digitalgoth for this. It doesn,t find the patern 4… I’m guessing that it’s because of the latest patch on starcraft, which is 1.0.1… Any update on Malu’s trainer?

  5. Cvw says:

    Does it keep you from getting single player achievements

  6. user says:

    To Migork: Tried you trainer and nothing, not sure if its because of the new patch but just wanted to let you know, thx though 😉

  7. user says:

    Is this website still working on any trainers or hacks? I keep coming back here hoping to see an update but nothing, not even coming soon stuff. thx for you hard work though, not trying to sound like a douchbag, just wondering 🙂

  8. Spitt says:

    We add more, but under different posts, as they are released. If you are looking for Starcraft 2 stuff, try searching via the SC2 category –

  9. Spolas says:

    trainers…hacks…cheats and other bugs or tools or any kind of cheat is for noobs with no skills…

  10. King_Yoshi says:

    Then may I ask why you are at a exploit site? And please do not initiate a flame war. Thank you.

  11. Spitt says:

    Probably because we have a lot of guides and strategies for advanced players… and for noobs 😉

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