Starcraft 2: Hidden Proxy Pylons for Protoss

The most important part of almost every Protoss Strategy is the ability to build proxy buildings and warping in units near your Pylons. Let’s take a look why this give you a nice advantage:  You may warp in Gateways everywhere without worrying about their location. If the area where you build them is far away from any battlefield, so what?

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Just research the Warpgate upgrade and upgrade your Gateways to Warpgates and you may instantly teleport your units directly into the fight without using waypoints. Just place Pylons all over the map and you have full map control!

Hiding proxy Pylons is a fantastic tactic and it’s used by thousands of players. Proxy Pylons are Pylons that are placed outside of your own base or expansions. For example you can place on up on higher ground, since units on the low ground won’t spot it. You will still be able to warp in your units directly on the low ground and attack.

There are many possible ways to exploit this strategy: If you manage to place a Pylon hidden behind the front line - on enemy teretorry - you will now be able to warp in attack teams behind his expansions and attack him from a good angle or just harass his expansions.

Of course, there are many more options to make use of Pylons hidden on the map. You can place a pylon hidden on the map and construct hidden unit producing building there to prepare a sneak attack.

One of the most common examples are Stargates. If you want to execute a fast Void Ray rush you don’t want the enemy to spot your Stargate and prepare a defensive force. Such a sneak attack can win you many easy games.

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