Starcraft 2 Model Swap: Thor to Collectors Edition Thor

This Model Swap for Starcraft 2, will allow you to switch out the non-Collectors Edition (CE) version of the Thor model, to the Thor CE version. It's straight forward and easy to do.  Note if you already have the CE version, this won't do anything, it's only for the non-CE owners.

Joana's Legendary Starcraft 2 Strategies

Credit to HASHMAX for this model swap

Download the Thor Patch for StarCraft II and replace your patch in directory: 

"%Path to Game Folder%StarCraft IIVersionsBase15405" replace "patch.SC2Archive" file before backup him. 

This is confirmed to work on 1.0.3 enGB game version.  It may also work on other versions, but has not been confirmed.  If you get it to work on other versions, please reply in this thread, so we will all know.

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