Starcraft 2: Shokz Guide Sale – 48 Hours Only 1/2 Price

Due to Blizzard selling on sale Starcraft 2, Shokz' Starcraft 2 Guide is also going on sale. Shokz will be on sale for the next 48 hours, at a price of only $17. Normally the price of these guides are well over $40 with all the addons. We highly suggest taking advantage of this limited time deal.

With Shokz' Guide, you might think you get just another guide which gets you through the campaign, and maybe gives you a few tips on getting better. Not so. In fact, the screenshot below will show you what you do get (I had to reduce the size to get it to fit). Note that there are over 20 pages of video guides AND that the dates on some of these guides are extremely recent.


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