Starcraft 2: Shokz Guide & Video Guide Sale


Shokz Guide Sale

Heart of the Swarm has been out for a little over a month and since its release the staff at Shokz has been working on adding new Heart of the Swarm strategies, guides, builds, and videos to the Shokz Mastery Guide. To celebrate the recent release of Heart of the Swarm and all the new updates to the Shokz Guide they are offering a lifetime membership at their lowest price ever. Just $19.95! Check out the Shokz Guide to see all the new Heart of the Swarm updates.


Shokz Video Guide Sale

Along with updating the Shokz Mastery Guide for Heart of the Swarm they have been busy adding new videos to the Shokz Video Guide on a daily basis with over 210+ Starcraft 2 video guides. Each video covers a different topic and build for Heart of the Swarm providing you with the largest Starcraft 2 video library on the web, you can now try the Shokz Video Guide and access the entire video library for just $1.


Here's a sample of one of their recent videos, the TvP Widow Mine Drop.

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