Starcraft 2: Terran Strategy – Destiny Cloud Fist Build

written by PJ

The Destiny Cloud Fist build is the same thing as the 1/1/1 build. This build refers to building 1 barracks, 1 factory, and 1 starport as fast as possible.  The great advantage this build has is that it can transition into anything. So when the time comes to see what your opponent is going for you will already be prepared with the production building to get you the ultimate counter attack.

Top Starcraft II Strategy GuideThe disadvantage with this build is that it is gas heavy so you will need two refineries saturated as soon as possible. The bulk of your resources will go into these production buildings instead of an army so the last thing you want is to get rushed with tier one units.

So it is important to scout frequently starting at around 10 supply. It is also important to wall off your base because you do not want your opponent to see what kind of buildings you are going for. Kind of hide the factory and star port away from the ramp so they do not spot them early on. Of course you need to go the standard opener for terran which goes something like this.

  • 10 supply depot
  • 12 barracks and refinery while barracks is being built
  • 17 (including one marine from barracks) orbital command

Once you see what your opponent has you should know exactly what to get to counter. I would not suggest going for just anything. The reason for this build is that you can get any units quickly.

This means building extra production buildings to product the units you need. Like if you were facing protoss zealots and stalkers the best answer would be hellions and marauders so building an extra barracks and a reactor on the factory would work out well.

If you are facing Terran and they go the standard route of marines and marauders then tanks with marines to protect the tanks would be great especially if they have a wall since you can easily break it down. In this case you should go for a second factory with marines.

Zerg players like to go Zerglings, Banelings, and roaches early on so the best counter would be hellions and banshees. Again having a factory with a reactor and second star port with a tech lab would do well unless they go Mutalisks. In that case vikings and marines would be the answer.

Hope you found this Starcraft 2 terran strategy helpful as it can be a great build in most situations. If you want to learn more check out these Starcraft 2 terran strategies.

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