Starcraft 2: TvZ – Countering Early Zerg Tricks and Rushes

Susceptibility to early game rushes is very common for a Starcraft 2 Terran player. The Zerg or Protoss may lose a few workers as a result of them being rushed; however you as Terran may end up losing the battle if you are rushed upon by the enemies. An important Starcraft 2 strategy must be to protect the flimsy Marines with whatever resources are available to you in the early stages of the game.

A decent Starcraft 2 strategy used by most new players against Zerg players is that they wall off their entrance to their base. By doing so the Zerglings sent for an early attack on your base end up stuck attacking your Supply Depots while your Marines fire on them without any serious damage being taken by your Marines.

The Zerg also have other ways of rushing too. This Starcraft 2 guide provides four different rush strategies and helps you through with them being noticed when scouting in a Terran vs. Zerg matchup .There hasn’t been a Starcraft 2 strategy yet for an early push by Hatchery and Spine Crawler combined. It would prove helpful to position your scout into the enemy base early in the game to get an idea about their strategy.

Zergling Rush

This is a useful strategy from the original Starcraft for early wins against unsuspecting and defenceless players. Expect some early Zerglings on your base if your scout in their base notices an almost ready Spawning Pool. Use a Marine so that they retreat to avoid serious building damages while you wall them off as quickly as possible.

Roach Rush

This Starcraft 2 strategy isn’t as popular as it was in beta . Moving the scout around the enemy base would be the best option when the Spawning Pool is up along with a mined gas site to have a clear idea of what he is thinking. Marauders are a better option to keep an early roach warren at bay.

The Zergling to Roach transition is a bit more popular. The Zerg player bursts out a ton of Zerglings and then you are forced to get a lot of Hellions and Marines. His quick transition to a big army of Roaches will easily pass through your army ultimately destroying your base.

Baneling Bust

Supply Depots and Marines are quickly taken down by the extremely dangerous Banelings. Your walls need to be reinforced once your scout notices a Baneling Nest. Once a Supply Depot is taken down by the Banelings the Zergling will enter your base through the hole. Early Hellions and Marauders backed up by Marines can tackle a group of Baneling and Zerglings.

Mutalisk Rush

Mutalisk Rush can be identified when your scout witnesses two Gas Extractors put up at the enemy base. Once a Spawning Pool is ready your enemy will go for an immediate upgrade to Lair and then he will lay down a Spire. Fighting a Mutalisk rush will require a lot of Marines and/or Thors. Quick upgrades and continuous scouting helps you keep a track of your enemy’s whereabouts.

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