Starcraft 3 CGI Story Video

I would say that this video has really good graphics, and is amazing considering who made it, but I must warn you, ther voice acting is VERY BAD!

An amazing 5 minute Starcraft 3 story video created by 21 students graduating from the Crystal Institute of Digital Education in China. Here is some information about them and this project (english isn't their primary language, thus the video and this description contains some mistakes):

Project: Star Craft
Softwares: Maya, Photoshop, Shake, etc
Period: 2 months
Team: 21 Students in Crystal Institute of Digital Education in China
Story: Both Star Wars and Star Craft are our favorite. We wish to achieve the similar effects and war scenes by ourselves. So we choose this story as our graduate project.
Protosses dominate the universe because of their noble bloodlines and advanced techniques. They need other races to help them exploit more energy, so they create the Terran. But Terrans are ambitious and greedy, they defy the orders from Protoss and refuse to supply energy to them. The peace in universe is breached. The Protosses decides to wipe out Terrans. When they are making the battle plan, a secret woman rushes into the meeting...

Joana's Legendary Starcraft 2 Strategies

Here is their website:

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