StarCraft2: StarCrack AI

StarCrack AI has been in development since the first AI hack was on the scene. Initially, it was a pretty hacked up version of the Blizzard "very easy" AI that would actually do more than build two marines that glare at you. Since then it has evolved into one of the leading AIs for StarCraft 2.

Latest Version 6.1.1

StarCrack AI 6.1.1 Standard Edition
- AI doesn't cheat

StarCrack AI 6.1.1 AI Cheating Edition
- AI has a 2x harvest bonus and can see the whole map

Joana's Legendary Starcraft 2 Strategies


- "StarCrack AI V 6.1.1" message fixed regardless of loader.
- AI expansion code tweaked.

- AI will attempt to counter air units. (First real reactive code)
- Expansion code fixed, after taking out the AIs main he'll re-organise at adifferent location. He'll also rebuild expansions if they're destroyed.
- Major tweaks to make the AI alot more of a challenge.
- Chrono boost is in, thanks to Aeg1s for working this one out.
- Zerg will now build a queen for each expansion.
- Defence code has been improved, AI will defend bases depending on how much they're contributing to the economy.

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