SWTOR: Sith Sorcerer PvE Hybrid Build

The potential for controlling the field of battle is unmatched for Sorcerers in PvE content. It’s this control, and damage potential, that make this a class hard not to play. This build was made for the Sith Sorcerer and is meant to be used in PvE, not PvP. Look to other builds for PvP.  With this build we give you a description of each talent and why we chose it, as well as giving you the spell rotations you need for single or multiple targets. You might find that you don't even need your pet, once you get everything down. Note that sages have similar abilities and a similar build could be made, but using rocks instead of force.

It has been announced that the devs plan to increase the level cap to 55. When this happens most builds, including this one will break. You can either use a professional SWTOR Build guide or check back with us often to see as we remake our builds.

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Silverstrike's Sith Sorcerer PvE Hybrid Build

The Build : Control Talents

Oppressing Force – Madness tree. This talent lets you Crowd Control multiple targets and stun more often.

Haunted Dreams – Madness tree. Choosing this talent makes your Crowd Control, Whirlwind, instant. Instant control is a good thing. When things go wrong, there’s no waiting to lock down of enemies.

Suppression – Lightning tree. With this talent your Crowd Control has a much shorter cool down. A must have when soloing Heroic missions.


The Build : Damage Talents

whirlwind-times-3Calcify – Madness tree. In one talent you can augment your two main damage abilities. You want this.

Chain Shock – Madness tree. Modifying your Shock spell isn’t mandatory, but it’s a great bonus to your instant damage spell.

Death Field – Madness tree. If you want to wipe out enemies instantly, this ability is for you. It’s also a must have in this build.

Disintegration – Madness tree. A must have for this build. More crits when casting Force Lightning makes your rotation smoother.

Madness – Madness tree. Force Lighting has no cool down. That’s not overpowered or anything… mwhahahahahaha. On the technical side, you’ll use Force Lighting as your key cast to make the whole damage rotation work.

Wrath – Madness tree. Taking this talent is another key component to the build. You have two options when this activates passively. Both options are big damage dealers, and you’ll find it a huge part of your rotation.

Deathmark – Madness tree. While not necessary for the rotation to work, it augments core components of the build. It’s too good to pass up.

Force Horrors – Madness tree. Again, this one doesn’t change your attack patterns, but it modifies your core Damage Over Time (DoT) ability that makes your rotation work.

Convection – Lightning tree. You’ve got to pick some talents in the Lightning tree to move up, might as well augment your damage.

Exsanguinate – Lighting tree. Picking this talent will make your casting more efficient. Allowing you to bypass a Crushing Darkness instant cast for a Lighting Strike instant cast, which could activate a Chain Lighting instant cast, which is just fun.

Chain Lighting – Lighting tree. To get the instant Chain Lighting, you have to have it. This is a bookend ability in this build, passing it up isn’t going to break anything, but why would you pass up so much destruction?

Lighting Barrage – Lighting tree. You will cast Affliction, and this talent makes your Force Lightning cast faster. More damage = more fun.

Lighting Storm – Lighting tree. When you attack packs of enemies you’ll be using Force Storm. You might as well take an OP (Over Powered) Talent to augment it. As a bonus, and bookend talent to this build, your instant Lighting Strikes can activate an instant Chain Lightning.


The Build : Endless Force

Force-LightningTaking these talents will grant you, Ipso Facto, endless Force.

Sith Efficacy – Madness tree. Your most used spell will regenerate Force.

Lighting Effusion – Lighting tree. Casting Force Lighting, while having this talent, actually generates more Force than used.

The Build : Your Rotation

Single Target

  1. Death Field (15 sec cool down, which means you have a maximum 15 second rotation)
  2. Affliction (Talented it lasts for 20 seconds, you always want this DoT on the strongest enemy you are facing)
  3. Force Lighting ’till Wrath activates. It’s ok to clip (cut short the cast) of Force Lighting. It’s always available.
  4. Crushing Darkness It’s counterproductive to cast this if not instant. Wait for the Wrath talent to activate.
  5. Force Lighting ’till Wrath Activates
  6. Lightning Strike (If you activate an instant Chain Lightning, cast it)

This rotation can be practiced on a dummy. There are dummies on the Ziost Shadow’s Bridge Deck. In reality you’ll only use your full Rotation on Gold or Champion enemies. Everything else will be dead.

Multiple Targets

  1. Death Field
  2. Abilitie-ActivatedForce Storm till Chain Lighting activates
  3. Chain Lighting instant cast
    • Casting on the Move
  4. If you’re in a situation where you have to cast on the move, these are your options.
  5. Death Field
  6. Shock
  7. Affliction

You can toss out a second or two of Force Lighting to try and activate a Crushing Darkness or Lightning Strike instant cast as well.

This information gives you the basics of the Hybrid Sorcerer build. When I visit this build again, I’ll drill into how your instant CC’s can impress and amaze your team members.

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