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Planet Nomads Early Access Game Hack

Planet Nomads Early Access Game Hack was created to be used with v0.7.1 of the game, but may work with later versions. What is Planet Nomad? Thus far, it's much like Ark Survival, except the premise is you are a

S4 League Game Hack

S4 League Game Hack

This S4 League Game Hack, gives you quite a few different functions which you can use against your enemies in a multi-player match. In mini Game mode, it offers the following functions; Inf Ammo, In Sp, Godmode, Auto Conquest, Aimbot, All Channels.  If you update this S4

Defiance: Shooting Tips – Improve your gameplay

Something that is core to Defiance is being better with weapons. You need to know how to aim and shoot, but there are a couple of ways you can improve your skills. The main thing that you need to remember

D3: Demon Hunter Explosive Build – 1 shot A3 Inferno mobs

I am very happy to have an alternate to the glass cannon build I've been using since they nerfed the DH Tank. I got the idea from seeing a barbarian HotA build. I've got the build to a point where

Rift: Unconfirmed Rift Invader Boss Exploit – 1 Hit Kill

This is an unconfirmed exploit, which allows someone to kill a Rift Invader, with 1 hit. It was found yesterday, by an enterprising young invader killer and exploited all to heck. Expect a quick fix on this.

Final Fantasy XI: 1 shot any mob

USER SUBMITTED POSTING EXACTLY AS SUBMITTED this trick requires about 11-12 SCHs you buff the main sch usually a merited taru eat a cream puff an pop an INT potion ES helix the mob according to its weakness generally ice/thunder