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Rocket League Idle Bot – AutoHotKey Script

This Rocket League Idle Bot is a poor replacement for the Rocket League Crate Farmer bot, but since it's now a defunct project, we thought it was time to offer you another bot. This Rocket League Idle Bot will log into

PUBG AFK Battlepoint Farmer – Python Script

PUBG AFK Battlepoint Farmer is for Player Unknown's Battleground and it aims to do one thing for you, to farm Battlepoints. It can only be used on Windows, but will work in 4 different resolutions, 1920*1080, 1360*720, 2560*1440, and 2560*1080.

Easy AutoHotKey Anti-AFK Macro

You never know when you're going to need an Easy AutoHotKey Anti-AFK Macro. This macro, will keep you AFK for as long as you need, so you can go about doing other important things, like eating, smoking, or personal call of

AFK Invasion Leveling Script – WoW

If you want to do the Invasion (pre-quests to LEGION expansion), then this AFK Invasion Leveling Script might be of help. Of course if you want to level manually, then this isn't for you. You will need to install and Run AutoIt if

Perma Anti-AFK – World of Warcraft

To make your character stay Perma Anti-AFK in World of Warcraft, means that you need to edit the WoW client program, specifically wow.exe. You can use any HEX editor to make the change, we used HxD to do it. Perma Anti-AFK

Fountain Water Collection Trick – Black Desert Online

Here's a Fountain Water Collection Trick for if you've been using our Water Collection Macro to collect water while AFK. You might have come up with a problem taking the water out of a fountain. Since weight is a big deciding factor in

AFK Strength Leveling Cheat – Black Desert Online

In order to do AFK Strength Leveling, you need to understand one thing in this game - you can do anything AFK, as long as your character is able to actually do it. For example, Fishing is completely allowed to do

Trove Anti-AFK Script – AutoHotKey

This Trove Anti-AFK Script, was created with AutoHotKey and is non-intrusive. It works on multiple Trove windows, but will only work if you have not changed the title of the Trove Window - as some launchers will do. As long as it's

Armored Warfare AFK XP Farming

It's begun. The age of the Armored Warfare AFK XP Farming, that is. In World of Tanks is started with Tank Buddy, which was an AFK bot which would enter into games, and start playing for you. The TankBuddy bot,

AFK Mount Leveling Trick – Archeage

AFK Mount Leveling Trick

There are several ways to do AFK Mount Leveling. There are macros, bots, game hacks... or you can just use this trick I decided to share with you. While this is by no means a game breaking technique, I should

Anti-AFK Archeage method

Anti-AFK Archeage

If you ant to Anti-AFK Archeage, then it's really a simple method. I have been looking through so many ways to stay online, while AFK. There have been quite a few methods listed, from staying by the Auction House to hitting

Neverwinter: Easy AFK leveling for Ranged Class

This is a modification of an idle leveling method, which can be used in any window size with easy setup. It is for Ranged Classes, but does not work for melee classes.

Tera Online: Level AFK with simple tool 23-35

There is a remote spot out in Poporia which will allow you to kill and loot a couple mobs repeatedly, without getting hurt. The mobs themselves are level 26, so you will be limited in the level range you can

WoW: Coolfish Fishing Bot

Coolfish is a standard Fish Bot for World of Warcraft. It is slightly more feature rich then other Fish bots, due to using an EndScene hook plus LUA scripting functions. CoolFish Features: Full Background mode Fishing standing still in any

Neverwinter: Botting PvP

Someone asked on the Facebook page about the spending of Glory to make gold, figured it wasn't worth it. Well what if you could do it AFK? It's possible, but will take a bit of modification from you. First, take

Neverwinter: AutoHotKey AFK PvP Script

This script uses pixel detection for all of its logic. Once you have AHK installed, you will need to edit and adjust the script to your liking and resolution. It will queue, and accept the queue, then sit still or

Wizadry Online: Avoid PK Death tips and tricks

I see a lot of people whining about getting killed by player killers (PK) and I have some tips and tricks for you that will make it so that 90% of the time a PK'er or even a group of

WoW: Keep Enemy in Combat after being Rooted

In Arena PvP, sometimes a win is a matter of just keeping the other guy in combat. Mostly, items which you would like to use in combat, can't be used in Arenas, for the sake of the battle. This is

Guild Wars 2: Seige Macro – Auto Catapult or Trebuchet

Repeatedly pressing the same buttons over and over can get tiring, this macro will do the dirty work for you, and save your fingertips. It automatically fires the Catapult or the Trebuchet for you while allowing you to go afk

Diablo 3: Post nerf AFK Goblin farming as DH or Wiz – no bots/macros

This trick will allow you to use your Demon Hunter or Wizard to farm Treasure Goblins, while being completely afk. Best of all it uses a simple trick, which in this case means no macros/bots to gain you the kills.

WoW: Farm Bloodsail Reputation afk

This is how to farm Bloodsail reputation while AFK. It requires a mouse clicker. You can use the included one, or use another one which you prefer. You could even use something like MouseMachine.