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2017 Blizzcon WoW Mounts Revealed

If you didn't know this already, here are the 2017 Blizzcon WoW Mounts and a short list of the other items you will get for attending the virtual Blizzcon, which is to say you pay for streaming access. 2017 Blizzcon WoW

Zygor WoW Guide for WoW LEGION

This version takes us to Zygor WoW Guide for WoW LEGION. This is the full and complete Zygor Guides for both Horde and Alliance. It fixes the previously broken WoW Gold Guide and Auction Scanner, and now includes the Demon

Free Zygor Guides Download – WoW

Did you know you can make your own Free Zygor Guides? It's a hidden feature which most people don't actually know about - nor take the time to do. You can click here, to learn how to do it (this

Ultimate WoW Guide Addon – Free Download – Includes Demon Hunters

Have you been looking for Dugi's Ultimate WoW Guide Addon? It's one of the best WoW leveling guides on the market today. It easily compare's to Zygor's and in some ways may be even better - but that is up to

1000 Bloody Coins hourly – World of Warcraft

It's easy to farm 1000 Bloody Coins hourly, if you have 2 accounts. While there are other methods to farm bloody coins, this method will focus on how to do it with 2 accounts - one Horde level 90, one Alliance

Troll Same Faction – WoW

Well, I figured out a way to Troll Same Faction, but only on Local Defense. I came up with this idea, after I read about how people flag other toons, namely warlocks and hunters, by throwing stuff at the toon's pet.

Explore Under WoW Shipyards

Explore Under WoW Shipyards

It's fairly easy to Explore Under WoW Shipyards, we can do this with a simple trick to get under the world, and then swim around underneath (see screenshot and instruction below).

WoW: Intensive Gold Farming Location for Horde

This spot is in Twilight Highlands. This is only for Horde characters. I have done quite well making several thousands in gold per hour, even on PvP servers with ninja pk players.

Tera Online: Alliance Patch – Video Preview

The Alliance Patch has already been released on KTera (Korean servers), and this is a preview from those servers. The Alliance Patch adds 3 alliances into the game, and you can only be a part of 1 of them, choose

WoW: Pandaren Neutral Faction exploit

So it seems there is an exploit which will allow you to create a character and not actually choose a faction, meaning you are neither horde nor alliance. Benefits? Use either Horde or Alliance Auction House Raid both factions Help

WoW: Addon Suite – Booster Leveling Guide, Tycoon Gold Guide

These complete addon guides are now available for download. This set includes the following addons; Booster Horde and Alliance 1-85 Leveling guide Tycoon Gold guide Impulse Keybind and Macros Edge Builds and Spell Rotations Click the above links to learn

WoW: Gold tip – Gnomish Universal Remote

This guide is simple and it involves the Gnomish Universal Remote, and how to make gold with it. You do not need to know engineering, however it will help.  This is very simple and requires nothing from you, except an

WoW: Something New for the Lunar Festival

On January 22nd 2012, the Lunar Festival will begin.  For those who don't remember the Lunar Festival is a holiday where we go all around Azeroth visiting our Elders, who in turn gives us a token on Ancestry. You can then go

WoW: Alliance guide to Rare Outland Recipes 5k gold/hr

This is an extreme and L-O-N-G-g-g-g-g... guide to Rare Outland Recipes in order to flip them and make a profit. It's aimed at Alliance Scryers faction. Sorry Horde, this guide isn't for you, however using some common sense, you should

WoW: Brian Kopp’s 1-85 Alliance Leveling Guide Free Download

I have heard that Brian Kopp was trying to get back into the leveling guide "arena", and had decided to offer his 1-85 Alliance leveling guide for free to all users. I am not really sure how good or upto

WoW: 2 High Profit Recipes To Sell To Alliance

There are some other good recipes to sell cross faction, but most of them are either rare or are limited spawn recipes from vendors.  Since they are limited spawn recipes, it hampers their ability to be sold in large quantities. 

WoW Gold Tip – Video: Pets and Recipe runs Alliance & Horde

This is a video which will teach you items which can be had via vendor runs on both horde and Alliance. These recipes as well as pets, can allow you to make a healthy profit.

WoW: WSG Battlegrounds Hiding Spot Alliance/Horde

While this works for both Alliance and Horde, it's much much easier on Alliance.  This is also great for if you have a capped flag lead on the opposing team and only a few minutes left in the game because

WoW: In Game Guides Updated – Horde/Alliance – Leveling, Dungeon, Daily, More

Suffice it to say, these are some in-game leveling guides for World of Warcraft which might otherwise cost you upwards of $90 each. You will find leveling guides for Cataclysm Horde and Alliance, Profession Guides, Dailies Guides, Dungeon Guides, &

WoW Cataclysm: Bugged Mob

Unfortunately, this particular bugged mob is level 2, but I thought I would share it anyways. It's been a while since I played Alliance, but decided to test out a few of the leveling guides, to give you my honest

World of Warcraft: Guides Updates

If you purchased Zygor's guide or Dugi's guides you should be seeing some updates today. Of course if you are a user of Penn's Alliance guide or Joana's Horde guide the fix for these would also be in the works.