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Allods Fatigue Guide

Allods Fatigue

As the Allods fatigue system has changed over time, I decided to make an Allods Fatigue Guide about it. Also because most guides are inaccurate or lack vital information that is necessary to utilize fatigue to it’s full potential. What is

Allods GM Commands & Console Activation Guide

Allods GM Commands and Console Activation This is a mini-guide about the Allods Online Game Console and it's commands. Before we begin, you must activate a console in the game client. To do this, follow these simple steps: Open the folder

MMO Gossip

Instead of a second guide or cheat today, I decided to talk to you about a little gossip and insights which have been gleamed from myself and a friend of mine, whom I will refer to as Zaber. Zaber and

Allods: Overpowered Bard Master PvP Build & Spell Rotations

You know that Bard on Allods, which for some reason won't die in PvP? Well, that might be a buddy of mine. So I decided to ask him what his build was, and if he would share his spell rotation

Allods: How to level AFK

If you play Allods, then you might already have heard about the way to play AFK. That is to level without the use of bots and game hacks. It's using the system, so while it might be construed as a

Allods Online: How to solo the Last Boss on Silent Isle

This is a video by a friend of mine who plays Allods Online, showing how to defeat the last boss in Silent Isle. As you can see it's a matter of kiting the boss. He also used his bear to

Allods Online: Sealed Lands Cheat

In order to enable the cheat mode just should just simply press "Enter" whilst in the mission and type #Chicken. Then press "Enter" again. You can now type in one of the relevant codes - just be sure to press

Allods Online: Double XP

Not a cheat nor exploit, simply a bit of news which was passed on to me. Allods Online, is having a double experience week. Not sure when it was kicked off, but it expires on Dec 1st. Since it normally

Allods Online: A Beginners Guide for the Warden Class

A Beginners Guide for the Warden Class An online guide to help players get familiarized with Wardens in Allods Online, as well as walkthrough some of the benefits of the different sub-classes of a Warden. A Wardens intro New players

Allods Online: Tips & Quest Guide for League Noobs

A brief guide for the quests and NPCs for the very first allod players encounter on the League side in Allods Online. - by WilliamUsher So you’ve played Allods Online and you’re having a tough time getting some of the quests done

Allods Online: Beginner Guide For Heroics

A tutorial on the classes and setup of Heroics in Allods Online and how to effectively utilize the classes in the game for the Heroic instances. So You Want To Be A Hero? You’ve reached level 38 and the NPC hero

Allods Online: What is it & where do I get more information?

Put together 7 months ago, after just hearing the name.......... Game Synopsis from: http://allods.gpotato.com/?m=about Allods is a revolutionary massively multiplayer RPG from Gala-Net, publishers of Flyff and Rappelz, and Astrum Nival, developer of Heroes of Might & Magic V and

Allods Online: Mounted Speed bug, super speed!

Contributed by smokeyz It is easy just; Mount up. Type /walk. Then just hit auto run. When your mount starts moving, type it again /walk, then hold the spacebar When you do this, you will fly on the map. If