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Rocket League Idle Bot – AutoHotKey Script

This Rocket League Idle Bot is a poor replacement for the Rocket League Crate Farmer bot, but since it's now a defunct project, we thought it was time to offer you another bot. This Rocket League Idle Bot will log into

Easy AutoHotKey Anti-AFK Macro

You never know when you're going to need an Easy AutoHotKey Anti-AFK Macro. This macro, will keep you AFK for as long as you need, so you can go about doing other important things, like eating, smoking, or personal call of

Trove Anti-AFK Script – AutoHotKey

This Trove Anti-AFK Script, was created with AutoHotKey and is non-intrusive. It works on multiple Trove windows, but will only work if you have not changed the title of the Trove Window - as some launchers will do. As long as it's

Archeage Pixel Bot – No bypass needed

Archeage Pixel Bot

This Archeage Pixel Bot, will not inject code, nor will it read memory, it won't even directly interact with Archeage. What it will do however is read your screen's colors and react to them. It will also send commands to

FFXIV: No Macro, Anti-Logout

It's annoying when you get logged out, when you need to afk for 10-15 minutes, only to come back and find yourself logged out, and having to sit in a server queue again. This little trick will prevent that.

Neverwinter: AutoHotKey AFK PvP Script

This script uses pixel detection for all of its logic. Once you have AHK installed, you will need to edit and adjust the script to your liking and resolution. It will queue, and accept the queue, then sit still or

Tool: Timed Key Spammer

Timed Key Spammer sends key strokes to an active window on a timed basis, using the WinApi function: PostMessage.  It allows you to choose between Text or Keys, to be sent, such as Up/Down, CTRL, ALT, Shift, or Enter. It

SWTOR: Standalone Space Mission Bot level 15-50 afk

This is another space bot, but in this case it's stand-alone, meaning you don't need to use a 3rd party program to run the script. It can do the space missions and they are pre-recorded for you, so that you

SWTOR: Anti-AFK, no macro

This qualifies as a exploit, because it will allow you to stay online, at any level with just a small trick involved. This will allow you to stay AFK for as little as 2 hours, without moving, and without running

Dragon Nest: Anti-Afk AutoHotKey macro script

This script loops the "L" key every 3-5 seconds to prevent being kicked for being AFK. It allows you to sit in Endless Charge rooms for hours or possibly even days at a time. Please note, you cannot have Dragon

Battle Pirates: How to farm Draconian Tech Blueprints while afk

Battle Pirates introduced a new tech, that has to be farmed off of Draconian battles. Now to do this, you have to repeatedly attack bases and derelict Draconian ships. As it turns out, there is a way to farm the

Rift: Vii’s Anti Idle Script

Here is a great afk bot that doesnt have a gui or anything so it makes it much less likely to be caught a tall. It allows you to have random buttons pushed, random times for pushing buttons, start and

WoW: Fly Hack, Wall Climb, No Clip, Anti-AFK, Copy NPC hacks

Evo hack, follows in the footsteps of some of the well known hacks out there, best of all it's free to use. This hack features flying, wall climb, water walk (walk on surface), no-swim (walk or ride on bottom), no

WoW: Multi-Tool Game Hack

If you've been living under a rock, then you might not know about this game hack. It's like WoW Inifinity, only better... and free. It's got all kinds of movement hacks. It can also remove collision with WMOs, and has

Rift: Anti-AFK, no macro, no game hacks

This is a neat little trick which will allow you to go afk, for extended periods of time, without worrying about getting logged off. It works for any class, and is considered a trick, not anything which could cause you

Rift: Level up AFK

This is an innovative way to level, without actually doing anything. You will need to set some kind of afk script, which can easily be done with any macro script like AutoIt. But other then that... nothing. Go afk, watch

Rift: Free to use Leveling & Anti-AFK bots

If you are familiar with Angel bot, for Aion, then you will already be familiar with the developers of this new Rift bot. While it's in beta, it's free to use, for anyone.  Currently this Rift bot supports pre-attack (buffs/debuffs),

Rift: Product Spotlight – MMONinja Game Hack

Let me assure you, I don't use hacks. However I know that there are those of you out there who do want to use them. You might use them to farm plat, or level faster, maybe even to pwn the

Rift: Anti-AFK and Spam Keys Tool

Anyone who knows what a pain it is, to take down world bosses, will love this app. It will allow you to press and hold an action button, rather then spamming it, and tiring out your fingers, for 10 minutes,