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Bypass PPL Protected Processes (Protected Process Light)

Using a vulnerable driver, we can Bypass PPL Protected Processes. A Protected Process Light is part of an anti-cheat engine for certain games. To put it bluntly, we can use a vulnerability in MalwareFox Anti-Malware driver to get an all access

TitleBar Name Changer – AntiDetection Tool

Today, we're going to share a tool which is a TitleBar Name Changer. One of the harder lessons to learn, is the extent to which game companies will go, in order to detect your game hack. We already provide several

Albion Online Cheat Detection methods

I do not know how old this information is, but since I started playing Albion Online, I figured I should share some of the Albion Online Cheat Detection methods which I came across. There are 2, which I have come across, and

World of Warcraft Anti-Cheat Measures

World of Warcraft Anti-Cheat Measures are coming in full force. Here's what you need to watch out for, in the coming months. Think of it, as a method in which Blizzard-Activision is using to step up its game and improve

How To Disable Xigncode3 Hack Detection

Instead of posting an bypass, which may or may not be detectable, here is the method on How To Disable Xigncode3 Hack Detection. Since Xigncode3 often gets updated, this method we believe will bypass their hack detection, even before a Xigncode3 bypass can

Diablo 3: Warden Now Activated

It's official, Warden has been activated. So if you were using hacks and bots... don't. Otherwise you risk getting banned, just for logging in with a hack or bot active. I am still waiting on 2 bots to be released,

Starcraft: Anti-Hack Hacker Checker

How annoying is it, when a buddy of yours shows you a replay kicking someone's rear end, only to suspect they were cheating at the time. This is a Hacker Checker which will not only check replays, but also check

Rift: How to Disable the Anti-Cheat Software

Rift has pretty much, no anti hacking material in the game - at the time of this writing. However they do have a little bit to stop players from doing things, so here is the best way to disable that

Ring 0 DLL injector

If you aren't familiar with what this is, you probably don't need it.  Ring 0 DLL injectors are used in making game hacks which can bypass cheat detection systems in games. Ring 0 is commonly referred to the kernel of