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TitleBar Name Changer – AntiDetection Tool

Today, we're going to share a tool which is a TitleBar Name Changer. One of the harder lessons to learn, is the extent to which game companies will go, in order to detect your game hack. We already provide several

Executable Size Increaser – Anti-Detection Tool

Anti-cheat programs are getting smarter and smarter, using an Executable Size Increaser can make detection harder. How does this help? It allows you to change the size of a file, in case a hash changer isn't enough. So imagine you

Diablo 3: Map Hacks and Bots

I know, I know, I know. You were hoping I was going to link to maphacks and bots, right? Well there is actually a reason I haven't. They're unsafe. They might be safe today, and they might be safe tomorrow,