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Twitch Steam Hacking

Twitch Steam Hacking

There's been a few Twitch Steam Hacking problems over the last few days. In fact a bit of a hoopla over the last couple weeks with Twitch. What is Twitch? Twitch allows you to stream your game play so that others

Java Security Issues

Everyone uses Java. If you have an older phone, a car, any kind of computer, heck even a smart toaster,  you run Java. But running Java, there are some security issues you should be aware of. I bet most people

Anti-Malware: Free Emergency Tool Kit

Some of you have probably been a bit surprised to find that a cheat site is trying to get you to to install some Anti-Malware tools. In fact you might be thinking that it has no relationship to playing games.

PDF and Excel trojans

Everytime I think I know most everything there is to know about about the functions and where trojans come from, something new pops up on my radar.  For the context of this blog, you might wonder why I am posting

Best Anti-Virus on the planet???

I have long been a supporter of Avast! Anti-Virus, but I recently came across an independent lab testing which compared many of the AV's out there.  One thing I can say for certain, Avast! is rates higher - though not

WoW: Authenticator users targeted by trojan middleman attack

In a surprising turn of events, it seems that Blizzard Authenticator users are now being targeted to have their accounts hacked.  Long thought to be the safest way to keep your account safe, Authenticators users are now the target of

System Protection… use it or lose it

I like to update you about the tools, that I use to protect my system from account thieves (trojans/keyloggers), spyware, and viruses.