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Leaked Fortnite Android APK Release

Leaked Fortnite Android APK Release is the leaked copy for the soon to be released Fortnite Android App for the game. You will need to have a device that can run this, a newer gen phone or tablet will do.

Dragon Nest Modded APK – God Mode

Dragon Nest Modded APK is a game hack for the Saint Haven (v1.1) release of the Android adaptation of the game. It features 3 different hacks; God Mode, 3x Increased Speed, and Damage hack. You will need a rooted device

PUBG Android Mod – Game Hack

The PUBG Android Mod, is a rebuilt APK which adds many features, depending on your processor type. Snapdragon CPU's have a few added features. You can use this on your Android device or on an Android emulator. Features which work on

Hotspot Shield VPN Android APK – Free Download

If you have an Android phone or tablet, then this Hotspot Shield VPN Android APK will surely come in handy. It's the Elite version, which has been modded to work without ads, and have unlimited usage on it. Why should you

MyVegas Mobile Cheat Code Scam Revealed

I think of all the bull$hit out there for MyVegas, the MyVegas Mobile Cheat Code Scam is probably the best. They claim, that you will get to use various cheat codes within the game, and all you need to do is perform

Flappy Bird Full Download Android APK


I first heard about Flappy Bird, when I was reading an article about how the developer had yanked it off the Android Market, as it had become so addictive, and yet people were saddened by it. This happens a lot

Tool: TeamSpeak 3 For Android Full Download APK

With a client rebuilt from scratch the programmers of TeamSpeak 3 bring you the ultimate TeamSpeak feeling to your Android device. Many client and admin features have been implemented to give users the best TeamSpeak experience ever on Android.

Bard’s Tale: On Sale for your Android

I remember The Bard's Tale in it's first rendition. I remember playing it for several several hours, days even. I mapped out the dungeons on graph paper. I even ended up buying the "cheat guide": which left out a complete

Dungeon Scroll APK Download for Android

I admit it, I like word games, and Words with Friends is one of my favorites. But I also like MMOs, and when I came across something that mixed both of them, I had to try it out. Dungeon Scroll

MineCraft: Pocket Edition for Android APK Download

Name: Minecraft - Pocket Edition.apk Developer : Mojang Version : 0.1.2 ANDROID version: 2.1 and up Category: Arcade & Action Imagine it, build it. Create worlds on the go with Minecraft - Pocket Edition The new Minecraft - Pocket Edition

EasyTether Half Price Sale via Amazon

Hey folks, this is just a little let you know - EasyTether is available for Half-Price off the Android Market today. You can pick it up for $4.99. If you don't have a good internet, or are wishing to use this on

Crusade of Destiny RPG for Android

Crusade of Destiny Someone has finally brought a nice RPG, to the Android phone.  It's not an epic RPG, but it is on the road to making the Android, a more viable gaming platform. Crusades of Destiny, is a rather