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It's now easier to purchase a subscription and become VIP at MMOExploiters. We have been around since 2001. In 2001, there were 3 cheat sites, including this site. Since then cheat sites have popped up, and gone under. Some of

Archeage Multihack – Fly, 5x Speed, No Fall Damage

This Archeage Multihack is working and undetected as of 10/13/17. It contains the following game hacks; Flying, 5x Speed, and No Fall Damage. While other game hacks are in the works, those are not available yet, and won't be mentioned at

Prevent Stolen Tradepacks – Archeage Hauler Trick

Prevent Stolen Tradepacks

If you're playing Archeage, and tired of being ganked for a tradepack, then here's a surprise for you. You can now Prevent Stolen Tradepacks with this trick. No more worrying if someone is going to gank you, no more worrying about

Bypass Hackshield Tutorial

This Bypass Hackshield Tutorial, will teach you how to create your own Hackshield Bypass. While it was originally written for 4Story (as the images show), the concept is the same for any game which utilizes Hackshield, such as Archeage, 4Story,

Archeage Pirate Faction Guide

Archeage Pirate Faction Guide

This Archeage Pirate Faction Guide, should introduce you to the Pirate faction. I have been a Pirate for about a month now. If your experience wasn't as glossy, or if you want to share a story, leave it in a comment

Seafox Archeage Game Hack


This Seafox Archeage Game Hack will allow you to change the sea level apparently, in game. The Sea Level is actually client side, so this does not mess with the server directly. There are a few effects which I have

Level 50 PVP Guide – Archeage

Instead of focusing on PVE, this Level 50 PVP guide is going to go into what you can do, in terms of gathering as much honor as possible, which ways are best for YOU, and then where to spend the honor. 

Level 50 Quest Gear Guide – Archeage

This Level 50 Quest Gear Guide (Hasla/Karkasse RidgeLands), is going to help you max out your gear, and get a full set of armor, so you are set to start on the level 50 content, ahead of your peers. Once you

View Archeage AH while Crafting trick


This View Archeage AH while Crafting trick, simply allows you to craft with the AH open, so that you can continue to purchase items off the AH as needed or, if you choose, list newly created items, which frees up your

Forge Obsidian Weapons – Archeage

To Forge Obsidian Weapons, you need to first gather the materials and know a little bit about the actual process. Use this simple guide to help you to Forge Obsidian Weapons. Excerpt from Secrets of Ayanad Spotlight It has been discovered that Anthalon, Lord

Archeage New Players Tips

Here is a small selection of Archeage New Players Tips to help you get started if you are going to try out Archeage. For any new game, or rather new game to you, tips from veteran players are always useful.

Create a Chat Spammer for MMO’s

It's fairly simple to Create a Chat Spammer, if you are able to create in-game macros and then assign them to your toolbar or hotkeys. For this Chat Spammer, I am going to assume 2 things. First that you can make

Counter Archer Disarm – Archeage

Have you had a Trade Pack or other items taken because you were unable to Counter Archer Disarm in Archeage? Then it's time to understand this specialized attack, and then to counter it. I finally figured out how archers can just

Library Boss Fights Video Guide – Archeage

Solo Farming Library Tips - Archeage

Here are a few different videos showing each of the Library Boss Fights for Archeage. Instead of just rushing in, if you follow these video guides, you will be able to take down the bosses quickly and efficiently working as a

Solo Farming Library Tips – Archeage

Solo Farming Library Tips - Archeage

Assuming you are Solo Farming Library, then you might need a little help, especially if you are an Archer. Now I am not saying thats the hardest class to Solo Farming Library, but it might be one of the harder classes to

Rare NPC Epic Loot Drop – Archeage

Rare NPC Epic Loot Drop - Archeage Library

Inside the Library you will find a Rare NPC Epic Loot Drop, but when I say rare, I mean it. It's a rare spawn which happens sometime in the next 2.5 days. When will it spawn? Well, 2.5 days after the last time

Farming F2P Archeage Gold

ArchAge House Building

If you need to start Farming F2P Archeage Gold, and you're a Free-2-Play player, then you can stop worrying about Trade Pack runs. Trade Pack runs can be a tedious process, which lets be honest here, can net you quite a bit

Archeage Treasure Map Waypoints

Archeage Treasure Map Waypoints

If you're looking for an Archeage Treasure Map, you found it. Although this might not be the complete collection of waypoints, it does in fact list over 125 different locations for which you can find your treasure. Below we have listed

8 Gold 10 minute Archeage Trade Pack Run

8 Gold 10 minute Archeage Trade Pack Run

First off, this 8 Gold 10 minute Archeage Trade Pack Run, uses mountain climbing, and the way its setup, you won't have to run through any mobs or other nasties. It's off the beaten path, so you don't need to worry

Archeage Level 55 Preparation

Preparing for level 55 - Archeage

Before we get into Archeage Level 55 Preparation, let's start by letting you know just how much experience is actually needed to level 50 to 55. Experience required to level *: 50 to 51: 3,672,000 51 to 52: 6,609,600 52

Auto Divine Gift Collector – Archeage

Divine Gift Auto Collector

The Auto Divine Gift Collector, works to collect Divine Gifts, while you sleep or AFK for an extended period of time. The setup is simple, and in no way interacts with the game, other then to control your mouse. You can

Archeage 4 Button Spammer Macro

ProClicker AutoClick Macro Source

This Archeage 4 Button Spammer Macro was created to allow you to spam 4 different skills over and over. You will put them on the first 4 slots in your toolbar, so that the macro will be able to launch these