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AFK Mount Leveling Trick – Archeage

AFK Mount Leveling Trick

There are several ways to do AFK Mount Leveling. There are macros, bots, game hacks... or you can just use this trick I decided to share with you. While this is by no means a game breaking technique, I should

Archeage GM Dupe cheat

Create Server Lag - WoW Cheat

The Archeage GM Dupe is a simple process, but also a dangerous one. If you do this wrong, or try to simplify the process, you and all your friends who help you, can be suspended or banned. So test this

Archeage Pixel Bot – No bypass needed

Archeage Pixel Bot

This Archeage Pixel Bot, will not inject code, nor will it read memory, it won't even directly interact with Archeage. What it will do however is read your screen's colors and react to them. It will also send commands to

Destiny brought you here this day

destiny server maintenance trion

It is destiny that has brought you here this day!  Screenshot of the EULA screen during scheduled server maintenance for Trion World's Archeage game.

Master Profit Spreadsheet – Archeage

Master Profit Spreadsheet - Archeage

Let me first state, that this Master Profit Spreadsheet for Archeage is a work in progress. Not everything is of yet completed. However most of it is, and it will help you to tell where you can profit most. Unfortunately,

Labor Efficiency Guide – Archeage

Labor Efficiency Guide - Archeage

You might wonder, what's the best use of labor? And if you have wondered that, then this Labor Efficiency Guide for Archeage, might help a little bit. There is no definitive answer to this question by the way, as there

Updated HackShield Bypass


The Updated Hackshield Bypass will allow you to inject the included Bypass DLL into the game and then after that install or use any other hacks. This version was released about 1 week ago, so it's the newest one available

Archeage DirectX 11 Installation Guide

Use DirectX 11 in Archeage

It's possible to install Archeage DirectX 11. Here you'll learn how to use the real DX11 and your in-game graphics will look much nicer then the DX10, which passively emulates DX11. Note: Close the game before all operations. Always save original files.

Archeage Render Game Mod

The Archeage Render Game Mod, is a modification to the game files which will change the way the game displays to you. File modification is against the TOS, but if you follow the directions explicitly, you should have no problems. See

ArcheAge Shadowblade Beginner’s Guide

ArcheAge Shadowblade Beginner's Guide

Playing an ArcheAge Shadowblade, can only be played with a low lag. This character is a Crowd Control Master which can be used in PVP to dominate the opponent. You need to be able to land Crowd Controlling (cc's) effects,

Anti-AFK Archeage method

Anti-AFK Archeage

If you ant to Anti-AFK Archeage, then it's really a simple method. I have been looking through so many ways to stay online, while AFK. There have been quite a few methods listed, from staying by the Auction House to hitting

Change Archeage Field of View Game Hack

FOV Hack

To Change Archeage Field of View, is a matter of simply modding the files inside the Archeage directories. This is not an exploit per se and it will not get you suspended. It will however allow you to see more of

Archeage Hexblade PVP Build & Guide

Archeage Hexblade PVP Build

The Archeage Hexblade PVP Build & Guide is a melee DPS class, which is based on Battlerage, Witchcraft, and Defense. This Archeage Hexblade PVP Build excels at mitigating damage and using crowd control (CC). By using weapon swapping, you will still

Archeage APEX Dupe Exploit – Fixed

Dupe Exploit

A while back, there was an Archeage APEX Dupe Exploit, which would allow you to use one, and still keep one on your account. It seems that the Archeage APEX Dupe Exploitt might be back after the recent patch. However

Archeage Gathering Spreadsheets

Archeage Gathering Spreadsheets

Archeage Gathering Spreadsheets, are here to help you to know how long it will take you to plant and harvest trees, raise animals, farm herbs and veggies. Each item is listed along with their initial cost, best harvesting locations, total

Archeage Trade Pack Runs Tricks

Archeage Trade Pack Runs - mmoexploiters

There are a couple cheats for Archeage Trade Pack Runs, that you might find a use for. They both require a group, but having said group, will allow everyone in the group to get the credit for turning Trade Packs in,

Using Cheat Engine – Archeage

If you are Using Cheat Engine with Archeage, or even if you want to experiment with it, then there is something you should know. Speed and Movement is kept server side. If you want to experiment with Cheat Engine then don't use

Build your own VM – Free Software – Offer Expired

Build your own VM

This software will allow you to Build your own VM Box. If you are a botter, then you are probably using VMWare to run mini virtual computers inside your own system. The benefit to this for botters is that they can

Archeage Regrading Socketing & Enchanting

Archeage Regrading Socketing & Enchanting

Many people don't seem to understand Archeage Regrading Socketing & Enchanting, so I am here to share this information with you. First I would just like to distinguish the three. To the right, there is a picture of a staff.

New Subscriptions Open Again

We have been approved by Clickbank and will begin again selling subscriptions. New subscriptions will now cost $10 monthly, but will allow more people access to all that we have to offer by allowing outside websites to send traffic this

Archeage Information and FAQ

Archeage Information and FAQ

If you're looking for an idea of what Archeage is, then you need to read this Archeage Information and FAQ. I have included some tips and tricks along with some general information about the game and game world. If there