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Write an Essay in One Night – How To Guide

Have you ever asked yourself ‘how do I write an essay in one night, if that's all I have left?’ We have the answer! Read the article and get to know how to turn it into reality. Write an Essay

We’re looking for Writers & Guest Posters

I have been asked a few times if I would like a guest poster on this site. The answer is Yes! However I have some stipulations. The topic must be online game or security related. It does not need to

Outsourcing to the Philippines: Truths and Fairy Tales

Outsourcing to other countries can be both profitable... and a pain in the arse. Owning a gold and leveling company, I am always looking for way to enlarge my base, and when possible cut costs, so that I can compete

World of Warcraft: It’s official! WoW is going free2play…

in a few years... maybe... Credit goes to TomRiddle, for pointing out this article by PC Gamer, speaking with Tom Chilton, Lead Designer of WoW. The rise of the free-to-play western MMO hasn’t gone unnoticed at Blizzard, developers of World of

Wired Magazine writes about Starcraft 2

I guess it should come as no surprise that Starcraft 2, would make it into the likes of Wired, but what really surprised me, is that the technology magazine was so vanilla about it.  Summarily, they mentioned the game was