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PoE Companion – AutoPot, AutoQuit | Path of Exile

PoE Companion for Path of Exile offers up several much needed functions including AutoPot, AutoQuit, FastSwap, and more. See the full list of features below.   PoE Companion was created to make your character super-powered with fast switching and automatic

Trove Autopot & Spam Keys Tool

The Trove Autopot & Spam Keys Tool will allow you to take health potions when needed, so that you don't need to do so. Basically, you set it up at what ever threshold you want (I recommend 35%), so that you

Path of Exile Script: Auto-Pot & Auto-Quit

Path of Exile Script - Auto Flask is an improved upon POE AutoFlask script, originally created by Wrongusername. It now adds a few functions, adding the following to the complete list: Exit to Character Selection Use Portal Scroll Send Trade Messages Quit