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Simple Auto Attack Script – Runescape

This Simple Auto Attack Script is a very easy to use tool. It was written in AutoIt and will do one thing, and one thing only... attack. It works with a color finding tool which you will set on the monster

AFK Invasion Leveling Script – WoW

If you want to do the Invasion (pre-quests to LEGION expansion), then this AFK Invasion Leveling Script might be of help. Of course if you want to level manually, then this isn't for you. You will need to install and Run AutoIt if

Simple Attack Bot – Source Code

Simple Attack Bot

This Simple Attack Bot, is a script written in AutoIt (v3), which can do some basic functions. It will allow you to cast upto 10 different spells at various times, setup buffing, as well as attacking and target acquiring. It will auto

Neverwinter Prayer Bot

Neverwinter Prayer Bot

The Neverwinter Prayer Bot is a new bot, which includes the source code. It will do a run once every 62 minutes for 3 invoking runs, and can be left while AFK next to a campfire or prayer spot. Your account will

FFXIV: Clear Blacklist AutoIt Script

Clearing your blacklist is essential, as once you hit the 200 mark, you can't add anymore to the list. However, clearing that list is a pain in the arse to do it manually. This script will do it for you.

FFXIV: ARR BasaBots – Automated Fighting and Assist Bot $5

This is at this point, an honorable mention. I can't fully recommend this product (costs only $5), because of the amount of bugs and errors people have had with it. From what I can gather it's a pixel bot, which

Diablo 3: Barbarian Sarkoth Farming AutoIt Script

With this AutoIt script, you will be able to goldfarm Sarkoth on your Barbarian over and over. This script is ONLY for Barbarians and must be run at a high resolution of 1920x1080 full screen windowed mode. This script will

Rift: SpamHappy Spell Rotation script with Source Code

This is a Spell Rotation script, similar to PQR for WoW. This is NOT PQR and it wasn't created by the same person. SpamHappy, will do something similar to PQR, but for Rift. Please note: This is a combination of

GW2: Autolooter

If you are near a mob or downed pvp player, then this tool will automatically loot nearby corpses. This makes it so you don't have to worry about anyone else grabbing the loot, and you no longer have to manually

Path of Exile: Escape Death – Quick Exit AutoIt Script

When you exit Path of Exile, even in combat, not only do you get disconnected, but you leave the map and stop the fight. You will find yourself magically back at the hometown when you "disconnect". If you have ever

Path of Exile: Auto Loot AutoIt Script Source Code

This script was created in AutoIt, and is not perfect but could be added to a bot or edited to be more versatile. If you want an AutoLoot function, especially when running in a group to grab those yellows and

Path of Exile: WASD AutoIt Movement Script

This wasd movement script was originally developed for Diablo 3 by Stybbe, but has been changed to allow it to work with Path of Exile. It will allow you to navigate using the W-A-S-D keys instead of just the point

WoW: Simple AutoQueue Battlegrounds Bot

Instead of being a full fledged bot, this is a simple setup bot which will allow you to either Auto Queue for active play, or to leech xp with a few simple macros. It's hard to report someone who is

Rift: Better Pixel Fish Bot

A couple days ago, we shared with you a Rift pixel fishing bot, which a few of you were having problems with. As such, we tried to find a better version... and succeeded. Make sure you read the instructions on

GW2: AutoIt – Ore and Chest farming scripts

These scripts are based on the exploit we discussed before for the Chest duping method. Since Ore mines (and champion mobs for that matter), work in the same method, you can use these scripts to auto-dupe your Ore and Chests

Diablo 3: AutoIt Script Level 15-60 AFK – Any Class

This is a bot for Diablo 3! It will level you from 15-50 with little interaction. All you need to do is update your gear and set it up to run with some skills. It will run Bastion's Keep Stronghold

Rift: Automatic Salvager and Runebreaker

A simple script created with AutoIt to automatically produce a specified number of items and then use the "Salvage Armor" Skill (or whatever you want to use) to get crafting materials for weapon stones and so on.  This script will

Diablo 3: Kulle Leveling Script for AutoIt – with source code

This is a fully operational post patch kulle leveling exploit for Diablo 3. It catches errors and throws them in the garbage. Please note the source code is included so you can verify that there is no nasty stuff, and

Diablo 3: Free Potion Bot Source Code (AutoIt)

First off, I am not the creator of this, in fact the bot owner is no longer working on it. However this includes all the source code and the description on how to make it work. Please note, this source

Rift: Bob Saget’s AutoIT Fishbot script

Not only is Bob Saget funny, but he can code in AutoIt. Here's a fishing bot script, which has an easy to understand GUI which will allow you to fish for hours catching and leveling your fishing to no end.