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Refund on Banned Pokemon Go Account

If you're like me, already had your first PoGo ban, then you might be looking to get a Refund on Banned Pokemon Go Account. The problem lies, in how to get it. This is a bit of a guide to cover

Guild Wars 2: GW2 Minion Finally Released

We hear complaints about bots like crazy. Everyone who plays has been complaining about them. The follow the same path over an over, and don't even look "human". One of them works so amazingly well, that it blows the competition

News: Aeria Games, banned from TinyPic

An inside source of mine was telling me about how Aeria Games, maker of Shaiya, Dynasty Warriors, and other free to play games, was banned from TinyPic. I am not sure why Aeria Games was using TinyPic in the first