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Build a Minecraft Lookout Tower

One of the first things I figure out how to do in Minecraft was build a tower, this tower can be seen at a distance, climbed for lookout, and fortified for a base. I am going to teach you how

Crashing DomiNations Ladder Climbing

So over the last couple days, I have been having a lot of fun with Crashing DomiNations Ladder Climbing. I was so excited when I hit Copper 3, then Copper 2, Copper 1, and working my way unto Silver 3. But it

Battle Pirates: Base Design templates

If you have been following this web site over the last couple years, then you know I dabbled in base design. At the time, the only thing I could use for reference was a friend's or once in a while

Battle Pirates: Base Design with Defense in mind

A base is never indestructable, but you should try and make it as hard as possible to hit so that potential attackers will go after easier targets. All bases should have: Good tower coverage where most of the defence platforms

Battle Pirates: Attacking enemy bases, where it hurts the most

As you get higher in level, you will notice that as you attack the enemy, they have Bombard Rockets, to defend against mortar rounds. You will also start to notice that other then this, they will usually have mortars and

Battle Pirates: Revenge Raid 2 & Base Moves now available

With the Revenge Raid 2 coming in a couple days, Battle Pirates has gone ahead and opened up Base Moves again. Should you do it? Thats a question people are wondering about. Should you move near your friends, should they

Battle Pirates: Revenge!

I really want to thank Varlin, for leaving me with the opportunity to get revenge for attacking my base. You see Varlin is an opportunist, who has never managed to breach my inner sanctum, but he keeps trying. It's kind

Battle Pirates: Make your base, an undesirable target

You might not know this already, but when you are about to attack someone's base, you can do an exploratory visit first. What you do, is you "attack them", but just go in, to look around. You have a full

Battle Pirates: Rethinking Strategies, base design & defense

Last night, after talking with a friend, I decided to change a few of my strategies including base design, tactics, and general layout. I think for the most part, I found a winner.

Battle Pirates: Keys to attacking someone else’s base

I am not going to go into targets here, if you have been reading my guides, you already know the targets to hit. Instead I am going to give you a few checkpoints, so you will be able to do

Battle Pirates: Dual Screen Trick

If you use 2 screens, or just use multiple browser windows, it's possible to always have the Map, as well as the Base views open at the same time. This won't work if you have firewalls setup to block cookies

Battle Pirates: Hidden Defensive Fleet

The enemy is relentless, you leave ships in your base, he destroys the base. You leave ships outside your base, he waits till he suspects you are afk, then does wave after wave to destroy your defending ships. Just when

Battle Pirates: Building a better base

When it comes to this game, there is no best design, they can all be wrecked eventually, by a cunning force, with superior ships and microing skills. The best we can do, is to protect our most valuable resources, as

Battle Pirates: How to tell if you can beat an enemy fleet

This is actually a bit harder then something you can get a feel for by looking at a chart. You see level of the enemy is partially dependent upon the amount of battles they do. However the best way to

Battle Pirates: a Salute to Varlin!

This is a salute to Varlin, who decided to attack my base. He wiped 41% of my buildings, stole 40k in resources, and provided me with a protection bubble which might have lasted for a few days, if I hadn't

Battle Pirates: Bragging Rights – 200% Cargo Capacity

They offer on Battle Pirates to allow you to brag to Facebook friends and family, and while I would like to brag, I don't want to do it via Facebook. You see I have one friend who also plays Battle

Battle Pirates: Why you should NEVER guard your base

I'm not talking about a good defense in your design of your base. No, what I mean when I say that you should never guard your base, is the option to set your ship up, outside your base defending it,

Battle Pirates: Trojan Horse Fleet Trick

Lately, I have found myself mining some nodes, only to have my fleet attacked. As someone who wants to kill as many enemies as possible, I have found this little Trojan Horse trick, which will trick the enemy into thinking

Starcraft 2: Macro Guide

First off congratulations! Just by finding this site you're already a step ahead of your competition. While others will be playing the game and learning everything on their own by trial and error, you're going to shortcut to the top by