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Change Wild Battle Pets Skins – WoW

This trick will allow you to Change Wild Battle Pets Skins in World of Warcraft. It's mainly just a skin changer, but may also change the skills of the pets. The main thing is to go out hunting for a Wild

Level WoW Battle Pets to 25 in 10 minutes

It's possible to Level WoW Battle Pets to 25 in 10 minutes, if done correctly, you can level 2 of them at the same time. However like all things which sound too good to be true, there are some requirements. Level

Gather all Winter Veil Toys & Battle Pets – WoW Cheat

It's easy to Gather all Winter Veil Toys & Battle Pets some of which can be caged and sold on the AH. You won't be able to farm Minion of Grumpus, however all of the other toys and pets are easily

Pet Leveling Guide – WoW

This Pet Leveling Guide, will help you to get your first pet to level 25, and then to help you level other pets or to then create an army of battle pets... You'll have different rarities for your pets as

Rare Mob Pet Battle Easy Wins – World of Warcraft

Rare Mob Pet Battle's are single pet battles, which will grant you full experience, even though you don't fight 3 pets. You only need to defeat one pet. While this sounds great, it's really only good if you plan to only

Battle Pet Speed Leveling Location and Guide

Battle Pets Leveling Guide If you're leveling tradeable battle pets, then this location is going to be a huge money maker for you. You can level your Battle Pets, very fast here. In fact 1-6 can be completed in just

WoW: Preparing for the Celestial Tournament

I wasn't really interested in Battle Pets when Mists of Pandaria was released, but with the introduction of the Celestial Tournament in Patch 5.4 my interest was piqued so I went about building an effective and varied team of 30

WoW: Easy lesser charms, XP, battle stones, lvl 25 Pets

This is a method and location for taking on wild pets which should be able to score you 4 million exp per hour at level 88-89. This includes counters and openers to the different pets you will be facing. The

WoW: Collection of Battle Pet exploits – God Mode

This is a small collection of exploits that you can do, and shows them with an accompanying video for proof of concept. These all work with Battle Pets and other abilities, the most interesting of them, is teleporting via World

WoW: Battle Pet Leveling Exploit 1-25 in < 60 Minutes

You get awesome pet-xp from defeating pet trainers if you make one attack with the pet you're leveling (more xp if you kill a pet with it). But this isn't the exploit. The exploit, will allow you to gain 5.5k

WoW: Buy Battle Pets on one Server, sell on another $$

There are a set of rare battle pets which can be purchased on one server, and sold on another for profit. Sometimes those are bought for 100-200 gold, and sold for 25k-75k gold. Now if you consider the retail price