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It's now easier to purchase a subscription and become VIP at MMOExploiters. We have been around since 2001. In 2001, there were 3 cheat sites, including this site. Since then cheat sites have popped up, and gone under. Some of

Tier 4 Windwalker Monk PVP exploit – WoW

This Tier 4 Windwalker Monk PVP exploit for World of Warcraft is easy to obtain both Control of the Mists and Fortifying Brew, at the same time during battlegrounds or arenas. It's not a perma buff, but it is somewhat

Honorbuddy Dead – WoW Bot Replacement

If you hadn't heard, it's official, the headline rings true - Honorbuddy Dead and we need a WoW Bot Replacement. Blizzard Activision has officially killed off the World of Warcraft bot, and it's time to find a replacement. Bossland lost their

Warsong Gulch Rep Farming Trick

This Warsong Gulch Rep Farming Trick is fairly straight forward, and isn't really considered a cheat. However if you don't already know it, then this will help you farm Warsong Gulch Reputation very quickly this week - but don't worry, it's a

Working Rogue Exploits – WoW 6.2.4

There are a few Working Rogue Exploits for World of Warcraft which can be used in dungeons (PVE) and both Arenas and Battlegrounds (PVP). Some of these could be considered game-breaking, so caution is suggested, including now showing off to friends.

Perma Anti-AFK – World of Warcraft

To make your character stay Perma Anti-AFK in World of Warcraft, means that you need to edit the WoW client program, specifically wow.exe. You can use any HEX editor to make the change, we used HxD to do it. Perma Anti-AFK

Wildstar PVP Tips & Tricks

I decided to share my Wildstar PVP Tips & Tricks and made a guide for those who want to go through the whole battleground experience knowing what you're getting yourself into without making easy mistakes. Of course this includes my

Avoid Dungeon Deserter Debuff trick – WoW

If you're like me and need to run a specific dungeon but want to try and queue through random dungeons, it's important to Avoid Dungeon Deserter Debuff. By queueing random, you still get the extra items, it's a gamble -

Jump Through Walls trick – WoW

Jump Through Walls trick

This Jump Through Walls trick, allows you to jump through some walls, with the help of an in-game item, which came courtesy of the 6.2 patch. You can use this item to get up on ledges and walls in dungeons which

Hunter PVP Trick – Cornered 50% Damage Boost

Hunter Cornered 50% Damage Boost PVP Trick

To do the Hunter PVP Trick - Cornered 50% Damage Boost, you need to understand one thing. You should never do this at low levels, because your pet can die with very little health, which causes your pet to be

Quick Capping Battlegrounds – World of Warcraft

Quick Capping Battlegrounds can infuriate the enemy, and even your team mates at times. It is the use of various items or spells within World of Warcraft, which will allow you to cap your target before the enemy is even

WoW Overpowered Twink Exploit

Imagine running into a battleground with an extra 150 Stamina on your level 19 Twink. What about an extra 100 agility on your rogue? This WoW Overpowered Twink Exploit is extremely OP! What is a Twink? A Twink is a character

WoW: Free to Use Bot – Gathering, Leveling, Battleground, more

Your Free bot for World of Warcraft! Free to download, Free to use, Unlimited Sessions. Its features include but are not limited to: Archaeology - Flying for 20 minutes, digging and flying again? Not anymore! Battleground - Love PVP, but

WoW: Move Freely about Arena, before match starts exploit

This game breaking exploit allows you to move freely in the arena zone before the match starts. I am sure there are many tech savvy people that can find ways to do this without the method which I used, but

WoW: Horde Only – Get past BG Gates in Deepwind Gorge early

This is for Horde only, but will allow you to skip past the gates in the Deepwind Gorge battleground, prior to the game starting. We highly suggest NOT capping any mines till the game starts to avoid it being fixed

WoW: Rogue PvP Survivability guide + 1-Shot Macro

When do you know which skills to use? That's the question that many people wonder, especially when they are up against someone who is about to put a world of hurt on you. We aim to answer these questions with

WoW: Get out of Combat Instantly in Arena or RBG

It seems that priests have an awesome exploit which can be used while in an Arena or Rated Battleground. It will allow them to get out of combat, which in turn allows them to then mount up, move far away

Tera: 20 vs 20 Battleground preview and tactics

Domeron is at it again, this time to preview the new 20v20 Battlegrounds on K-Tera. He goes over the tactics for both attacking and defending, as well as some awesome tricks to winning.

WoW: Video Diary – How not to PvP

A video diary of 3 English blokes as they play WoW. Here are their first 3 episodes on How Not to PvP, and their lessons as they learn how to properly PvP in WoW. They start in Battlegrounds, and then

WoW: Become hard to target in Battlegrounds for 5-10 minutes

This is more of a trick rather then an exploit, but using it you can become hard to target for 5-10 minutes in a battleground. It doesn't work in Arenas however.

WoW: Simple AutoQueue Battlegrounds Bot

Instead of being a full fledged bot, this is a simple setup bot which will allow you to either Auto Queue for active play, or to leech xp with a few simple macros. It's hard to report someone who is

WoW: 1-Shot in Battlegrounds or Arena as Warlock

This exploit requires a Warlock with Engineering. It will allow you to 1-shot any enemy, could also be used in Dueling, but wasn't tested in this application. Almost any mob can be downed with this cheat - except boss mobs.