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It's now easier to purchase a subscription and become VIP at MMOExploiters. We have been around since 2001. In 2001, there were 3 cheat sites, including this site. Since then cheat sites have popped up, and gone under. Some of

BDO Public Speedhack Download

BDO Public Speedhack isn't your normal speedhack, it doesn't just increase your movement speed in Black Desert Online. It also increases your casting and attack speed, along with your game client. Then we throw in a character height changer just

BDO Speed and Attack hack

The BDO Speed and Attack hack we are about to expose to you, is truly amazing to behold. Not only does movement speed increase, but also attack speed. It works in PVE against mobs. It should never be used in PVP. Using

Black Desert Online Nude Hack

Make your characters nude within BDO with this Black Desert Online Nude Hack. It comes with various options for you to enjoy. It will allow you to apply the nude packs with various options ranging from completely nude to partially nude. Simply

Black Desert Online Bot – Free to use (while in beta)

Every once in a while, something pops up, which seems newsworthy. For us, it's the fact that there is a Black Desert Online Bot which is Free to use while in beta. It hosts plenty of features, which I will list

Black Desert Online Guide – Free Download

This is your own personal copy of a well written Black Desert Online Guide. There is no official level cap within the game Black Desert Online. However leveling is most important feature in the game. You should, try to reach

Perma Stun Bosses – Fixed? Black Desert Online

What is the Perma Stun Bosses Trick? It's a trick which while harnessing the power of an in-game item which can be purchased from a couple different NPC vendors for Contribution Points, will allow you to permanently stun any and

Pass Through Invisible Walls Cheat – Black Desert Online

It is entirely possible to Pass Through Invisible Walls. However you can only do it for a short time, as there is a debuff on the other side which is so that you won't go into those restricted areas of Black

150k Silver hourly BDO fishing guide – Black Desert Online

This 150k Silver hourly BDO fishing guide is unreal. Imagine going AFK for an hour and coming back to 150k in items ready to be sold at a trader. This is a powerful Sivler Farming Guide for any Black Desert Online adventurer. Now

Level Horse Stats Fast Endless Gallop AutoRun – Black Desert Online Cheat

I am sure by now you have found that you can Level Horse Stats Fast when you gallop, but it only lasts so much, before the gallop ends. Well here's a way to give you an Endless Gallop Autorun. Now mind you,

More Worker Stamina – Black Desert Online Cheat

This More Worker Stamina, is an unconfirmed Black Desert Online Cheat. We know we're missing a step, but we're posting it for our members anyways. It basically allows you to recover stamina, while your workers are still working. We aren't sure

Fountain Water Collection Trick – Black Desert Online

Here's a Fountain Water Collection Trick for if you've been using our Water Collection Macro to collect water while AFK. You might have come up with a problem taking the water out of a fountain. Since weight is a big deciding factor in

AFK Strength Leveling Cheat – Black Desert Online

In order to do AFK Strength Leveling, you need to understand one thing in this game - you can do anything AFK, as long as your character is able to actually do it. For example, Fishing is completely allowed to do

Find any Player trick – Black Desert Online

We're not going to judge why you want to use this Find any Player trick, because we know that there are many uses which can be used with this trick. For example, you see someone who wants to trade an item,

What is a Node? A Black Desert Online Guide

What is a Node? A node is a point on the map that contains either a small village / farm, a city or a point of interest. A few node examples are when we find them in Farms, Cities, and Points

Extra Inventory Slots Quest List – Black Desert Online

Here's a way to get extra inventory slots in Black Desert Online, without buying them inside the cash shop. Follow this quest list and earn bag slots for your character. There are actually several quests which will award you with an