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World of Warcraft: Beastmaster Hunter upto 1 mil DPS

This is one of those game breaking insane exploits which will allow you to kill any mob, quickly, and easily. Since it is game breaking however, it's also likely to either be fixed soon, or watched. This is only for

Rift: Tank Builds, 2 Soul Tree Main Specs

written by Spitt of TelaraLeveling.com Here's a tank build for Rift, with the main Souls being Paladin and Warlord. The key with this build is to both generate threat, as well as to block, and use abilities with blocking. Additionally,

StarWars Galaxy: Stack Officer Buffs

Submitted by Thor for access - Is this access worthy? Please reply in the comments with your thoughts. You know, that you COULD stack officer buffs, just not on your character? Of course not, only few people do. Read this