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Path of Exile: Scroll Tricks

In a perfect world, which Path of Exile isn't... not yet anyways, everything would work as they were supposed to. But this game is in beta, so there are some things which should work, but won't always.

ESO: Elder Scrolls Online Seeking Beta Testers

Most likely the beta testers they are seeking will be for stress testing the servers, but possibly to get people interested in the game. Since it's a bit of an open call for beta testers think of it as limited

Rift: Taking Player Housing to a New Dimension

Here are the videos which will show you exactly why Rift's Player Housing  feature is so amazing. MMORPG.com even gives Rift rave reviews for it's ingenious take on giving the players what they want. To learn more about this new

Rift: Storm Legion Beta Preview

*WARNING SPOILERS* This video was presented as a Live Stream last Friday, and previews the upcoming RIFT: Storm Legion expansion. Here you can see the changes which will be upcoming to the game.

Otherland (beta): What is the deal with beta testing these days?

I saw this posted on Facebook, regarding Otherland's MMO in beta. Read the rant about beta keys, the reply, and how to get into beta on any game - it's similar on how to find cheats 😉

Otherland MMO Closed Beta Starts Today

If you aren't sure what Otherland is, allow me to give you a brief run down. Otherland by Tad Williams is a 4 book series in which a super computer is "built" which allows people to transfer their consciousness into

LOTRO: Riders of Rohan Beta Patch Notes

submitted by anonymous Introducing the Beta patch notes for Riders of Rohan, round 3. These notes were submitted by an unknown source providing all the information on recent changes to the game and patches. We take no credit nor can

End of Nations: Info & Links

Tom Riddle works his magic to find you everything you might need to know about the new game currently in beta called End of Nations. Game Synopsis from: http://www.ign.com/games/end-of-nations/pc-71831 & http://www.rtsguru.com/game/16/End-of-Nations/ Join the global conflict in End of Nations™, the

LOTRO: Guide to the regions of Eastern Rohan

written by anonymous This information was leaked from the Riders of Rohan expansion for Lord of the Rings Online. The person who submitted it, requested anonymity and is likely part of the beta. As such, please note that the information could

Defiance: Trion & SyFy working on new MMO with TV Series

While it's not scheduled for release till late this year, or early next year sometime, SyFy is working in conjunction with Trion to being out a new show which will merge both an MMO with a TV Series. This hasn't

GW2: How To Make Gold via the Trading Post

This is a rather long video/video cast, so I have linked you the part which pertains to making gold in GuildWars 2. Of course it can be an arduous task, which is why you can always Buy GW2 Gold, that's

Guild Wars 2: UI / Skill bar / Keyboard & Mouse Commands

Everything you might want to know about Guild Wars 2's Graphical User Interface (GUI), Skills Bars, Keyboards, and Mouse Commands, in accordance to the game while it's in Beta. This information was compiled by Tom Riddle

LOTRO: Beta Leak – Riders of Rohan Armor Sets

Credit to anonymous for this find. This file is LONG (7000px long) - and about 1.3 mb big. I posted a "thumbnail" of the picture, and it links to the actual image. It's got each and every armor set for Riders

LOTRO: Riders of Rohan Beta Key Give-Away

We're giving away 25 beta keys for Riders of Rohan, the upcoming expansion for Lord of the Rings Online. To get one of these, all you need to do is send us a Tip, Guide, Cheat, Exploit, or Script for

End of Nations Beta Invitations – First Beta Weekend

I just received 2 beta invites, and am happy to say that I will be participating in the End of Nations beta event from Friday, July 20 and run through Sunday, July 22. While I haven't played yet, I did find

GW2: What’s New in the Final Guild Wars 2 Beta Weekend Event

Information compiled by Tom Riddle Quote from: Arena.net Blog The final Guild Wars 2 Beta Weekend Event is nearly here. From Friday, July 20 to Sunday, July 22, hundreds of thousands of players from Europe and North America will experience the beta

Guild Wars 2: Gem Store / Currency / Trading post

Previewing the Gem Store information compiled by Tom Riddle From: Currency Currency describes the game's five units of commerce that are used to pay for goods and services. A character's accumulated currency is tracked numerically at the bottom the inventory panel; it

WoB: Coming Soon?

The Secret World: Early Access Download

 Just a little heads up, for those who are awaiting The Secret World by Funcom, you can download their Beta Client, which will automatically patch to the Early Access Client (and presumably the Release version). Early Access starts Friday the 29th!

Game Booster Adds Video Recording in Beta version

If you have had any types of problems with any game, be it lag or even connection errors, then it's probably a good idea to try Game Booster from IObit. Normally, I wouldn't tell you all about a new update

Elder Scrolls Online: What we know today

The Elder Scrolls Online is an upcoming fantasy MMORPG by Zenimax Online. Set in the same universe as the insanely popular Elder Scrolls series, players will be able to embark on an adventure together for the first time in this