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Earn More MyVegas Loyalty Points on Android

Did you know it's possible to Earn More MyVegas Loyalty Points on Android then you already do? There are 2 tricks, which will help you here, keep reading and I will tell you about them. By now, I hope you have read

Card Counter Trick – Casino Blackjack

I don't usually post anything to do with any Card Counter Trick on Casino Blackjack, but the other night I saw an awesome strategy. This method actually allows you set the deck up with the proper count, and fool everyone into

MyVegas BlackJack Guide

MyVegas BlackJack Guide

This MyVegas BlackJack Basic Strategy Guide, is made specifically for the MyVegas Facebook game, where you can earn real comps to casinos in Las Vegas, NV at MGM/Mandalay and Station Casino properties. Additionally there are rewards for Wolfgang Puck, LV

RuneScape: 1-99 Thieving guide

guide by kingchaos2 Why train Thieving?  Makes excellent amounts of money--for some, over 750k per hour. Getting able to make that kind of money is much faster than getting high RC. Money made is more non-player-dependent. Unlike hunters, the number

How to bet in Blackjack

This is part 2 of a 2 part series. The first post, is how to play Blackjack - and it's a playing strategy, which I came up with after 2 years of dealing the game.  It's unconventional, but an excellent

How to play Blackjack

You're probably wondering why I am posting this, when this site is for MMO's and RPG's, right?  Well the otherday, I was trying out Fallen Earth, and popped into one of their "casinos" to check it out.  They had some