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RAF Druid Leveling Exploit

Ok, this RAF Druid Leveling Exploit is only going to work, when you are multiboxing or leveling up with friends who are all druids. This might also work with a druid, but I haven't fully tested in with them. The key

Gear Swap during Greater Rifts – Boss Exploit – Diablo 3

This Gear Swap during Greater Rifts exploit provides an unfair advantage in that the Boss Killer can act as a 3rd support during the rift, in providing buffs through Oculus ring / Toxin gem etc. Together with the Gear Swap

Easy Dungeon Mount Farming – WoW

This Easy Dungeon Mount Farming Method for World of Warcraft, uses a WoW Cheat to allow you to reset the dungeon instance and then pop right back into the same instance at the same place. Essentially this Easy Dungeon Mount Farming WoW

Perma Stun Bosses – Fixed? Black Desert Online

What is the Perma Stun Bosses Trick? It's a trick which while harnessing the power of an in-game item which can be purchased from a couple different NPC vendors for Contribution Points, will allow you to permanently stun any and

Blade and Soul Leveling Guide – Free Download

If you're playing the game, then you need this Blade and Soul Leveling Guide. No matter which type of character you like to play, there is fundamental need to level your first character as quickly as possible. Call it instincts, call it

Blade and Soul Starter Guide

With this Blade and Soul Starter Guide, we're going to go over classes, races, crafting, gear, gold farming, basics to leveling, and some of the major changes to the game versus other traditional MMOs. This is not a stand-alone leveling guide,

Timewalking Dungeon Mega Damage Boost

We can use an item to give Timewalking Dungeon Mega Damage Boost. Basically we will find a few mobs usually trash or critters to waylay, activate and item, and store up the damage for a Timewalking Dungeon Boss. The key to

Double Proc Legendary Ring or Trinket – WoW

Today I’m going to share how to get a Double Proc Legendary Ring or Trinket on raid boss pulls, though only a few will be able to get the double legendary trinket proc. This Double Proc Legendary Ring or Trinket only works

Library Boss Fights Video Guide – Archeage

Solo Farming Library Tips - Archeage

Here are a few different videos showing each of the Library Boss Fights for Archeage. Instead of just rushing in, if you follow these video guides, you will be able to take down the bosses quickly and efficiently working as a

Neverwinter: 5 tricks to beating Caverns of Karrundax, easily

By some, these might be construed as cheats, so use at your own risk. These are 5 ways to bypass the junk mobs and come right to the bosses you want to fight in Caverns of Karrundax, then destroy them

Neverwinter: Kill groups of mobs quickly with Control Wizard

With a Control Wizard which I am leveling, I ran Scoundrel's Retreat. I realized I could kill large groups of mobs and even the boss with a couple of hits. Here's how I did it;

FFXIV A Realm Reborn: NDA Friendly Video of Dragon Boss Fight

An NDA is still in effect for FFXIV a Realm Reborn, so this is the next best thing to bringing you live video. Hakurai takes with a group of friends, a mean ol nasty poison breathing dragon. Watch the fight

Marvel Heroes: Large Compilation of Various tips & tricks

Everyone has their own tips, and these are just some of the ones collected all over the net for Marvel Heroes, and cover just about any subject within the game. WARNING! This is a LOT of tips. Clicking the link

Defiance: Bullet for a Badman Boss Fight Guide

written by NeoDraven I have been seeing people having issues with this boss' fight. More specifically with his infinite grenade launch spam, so I am going to give a lay down on his fight and suggested weapon loadouts.

Neverwinter: Spider Temple Fast Run

About a week ago, there was a patch which was supposed to have fixed bypassing the mobs and bosses in Spider Temple. It worked... but a new way has been found to get to the last boss quickly, and then

WoW: Insane Damage Affliction Warlocks vs Bosses with Adds

On bosses with adds you can use this little trick to do insane damage with an Affliction Warlock. However you cannot have the "soul swap" glyph. At the start of the pull you have to get as many buffs and

Ragnarok Online 2: Feral Barbaro Guide

written by xKirai It’s been weeks into AoD (Abaddon of Despair) and many of you have yet to experience how AoD is like so I’d like to share a little with you before you start your next chapter in AoD.

WoW: Raid Exploit – How to take down Garalon the Easy way

We all know the Garalon fight.. or at least I hope so, as this might be hard to follow otherwise. This will allow you to bypass the Pheromones portion of the fight, with the help of a monk.

Path of Exile: Boss Mob Combat Tactics and Tricks

If you're having some problems taking down a boss mob in Path of Exile, don't forget a few common tactics such as kiting, and duck & cover. Then try these tricks as well to help you solo a boss.

WoW: Skip to last boss Ahn’kahet in 1 minute exploit

This exploit will allow you to skip to the last boss Ahn'kahet in under 1 minute. It works for any class, and at level 90, you should be able to farm the boss in about 2 minutes total.

Rift: Tower of the Shattered (Expert) Boss Info

Knowing the bosses, will help you to clear this dungeon faster, then just guessing. Now I have to admit, some dungeons, I have just guessed at when playing DPS, but this is in part, so I can learn what needs