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Protect Botted Gold – WoW

I am not sure why people bot on WoW and not take steps to Protect Botted Gold. It's really simple and only costs $5-$7.50, depending on what the prices are of a new WoW CDKey. These botters - who again just

League of Legends Auto-Queuer

League of Legends Auto-Queuer

The League of Legends Auto-Queuer, is free and comes with several features. This is not a game hack, but it is a clientless botting tool to level up your champions. The free version is limited to 2 accounts being played at

Build your own VM – Free Software – Offer Expired

Build your own VM

This software will allow you to Build your own VM Box. If you are a botter, then you are probably using VMWare to run mini virtual computers inside your own system. The benefit to this for botters is that they can

Remote Chat Client for WoW Botters

APPLICATION: ChatCraft v0.9 STATUS: BETA VERSION This project is currently released as a beta-version and has only been tested on the ENGLISH version of WoW! This means that it is currently being tested and the whole community is invited to

Aion: Script Usage Warning

It's come to our attention that Aion may have added some anti-macro code which could prevent various bots or scripts from working correctly. Additionally, if it works anything like the old code for older games they own run, it may

Tera Online: 20k in 5 minutes at level 55

Full Downloads: Argon's Leveling Guide • Eleos Leveling Guide • Velik's Tera Leveling Guide This isn't a cheat, just something you can get, if you missed this quest chain because you were botting, or wanted to level faster. At level

Aion Roibot Free to Use Bot (while in Beta)

Aion Roibot is a free to use bot which will fight, rest, use potions, and loot. While in beta, the bot is free and will allow beta testers to test out the gathering and auto sell and repair features for

Diablo 3 Banwave

Have you botted, even in the past? Oops. Seems like Blizzard has been tracking you, for some time now. Reports are now flooding in, that Demonbuddy and D3 Mimic users are now receiving massive bans. This goes for peeps who

MMO: The Game Econonomy, Bots, & Gold Farmers

I saw something which made me laugh. It was a botter who was complaining about gold farmers ruining the game economy. It really doesn't matter which game it was for because in reality, I am sure people complain about gold

Diablo 3 – News: Ban Wave Rips through botting community

In a move like one we haven't seen since WoW in 2006, Blizzard has been rolling out the bans, banning botter after botter. Reports are flying in that state different things, the only constant is that it's hitting all the