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CSGO Knife Damage Bug

Do you know about the CSGO Knife Damage Bug? It's something everyone who plays CSGO, should know. How to avoid it, and how to do more damage with knife attacks. This isn't the same old bug where if you miss,

Overwatch Double Attack Exploit

There are 2 parts to the Overwatch Double Attack Exploit. The first part will be shown in the video below. Watch it, and then read below to see how you can experience a condition which will cause some of your attacks to be

Fallout 4 Money Cheat

If you're worried about running out of money, then this Fallout 4 Money Cheat is for you. While it works now, be aware that in the near future, it probably won't. For that reason it's recommended that you get in Fallout 4

Trading Post Change – WoW

I have managed to Trading Post Change and have done it a couple times, to verify it works. It's an effective way to make gold in WoW so you can buy items for garrison resources. However the prices of the items depends

Bane of the Stricken Stack trick – Diablo 3

The Bane of the Stricken Stack trick, is just a quick trick for all you Diablo 3 players.  Players benefit from the Bane of the Stricken Stack trick which allows you to stack them as a Support Monk. This makes it

Persistent Weather Effects – WoW

When I heard it might be possible to force Persistent Weather Effects, I was all ears. To find out that you can force bright and shiny days, even when going into dark and foreboding places piqued my interest. You see, I

Druid Flying Cat Form Trick – WoW

It's possible to gain a Druid Flying Cat Form Bug, using a little trick. It should be noted that when you do this, others will also see you in your Druid Flying Cat Form as well, so it's not just a glitch

Horde Pet Invincibility Battlegrounds trick

The Horde Pet Invincibility Battlegrounds trick will allow you - at low levels - to secure a pet with a powerful buff which increases it's health 11k. What this means, is that your pet will be nigh invincible in Battlegrounds

WoW Dupe Working on Live

This WoW Dupe Working on Live, is a monumental trick which will allow you to make WoW gold, very easily. It will give you a chance at some super rare items or to make around a potential 2000g per session.

Loot Chests Multiple Times – WoW

Loot Chests Multiple Times

There are a few specific chests which will allow you to Loot Chests Multiple Times. It may be possible to use this exploit on other WoW Chests, but hasn't been tested in all the other locations yet.   The stipulation to this,

Summon mailbox without engineering – WoW

Talonpriest Ishall

If you have Engineering in WoW, then you won't need to use this trick. But if you don't, then this trick (which can also be annoying) will allow you to Summon mailbox without engineering.

Rift: Never get dismounted from taking too much damage

This is an unconfirmed bug, but my friend has tested it, and thus far, seems to be true. Using this one mount, if will never get dismounted if you run through a pack of mobs. All other mounts will kick

WoW: How to get Semi-Permanent Wings on Rogue

This trick will allow you to get wings on your rogue, which are semi-permanent. Being hit will remove the effect, but it seems thus far to be random on when this happens. I think it was intended and just a

WoW: LOS the Rushing Winds ability in Throne of Thunder

This is specifically on the second phase (Quet'zal, the Stormcaller) and its focusing on his Rushing Winds ability. There is a way to hide/LOS (Line of Sight), to avoid the attacks. Iron Qon is the tenth boss inside the Throne

ESO: Elder Scrolls Online Seeking Beta Testers

Most likely the beta testers they are seeking will be for stress testing the servers, but possibly to get people interested in the game. Since it's a bit of an open call for beta testers think of it as limited

WoW: 40k DPS pet in Pandaria for non-hunters

This won't work just anywhere, but it will using an exploit give you a pet which you can use to kill others or mobs. There is a way to bug "Garrosh Hellscream" to help you kill your soon to be

Diablo 3: Barbarian Wrath of the Berserker-Insanity Exploit

I can't get into too much about this, as doing so will allow some to figure this out, and possibly get it fixed. However let me state that it's possible to do double damage via the Barbarian's Wrath of the

Guild Wars 2: Fill your heart bar in under 30 seconds cheat

Any heart which has an item that you need to pickup off the ground, that get's placed into your inventory can be bugged, allowing you to fill up your heart bar very quickly.

GW2: 160k Weapon Damage – 1-Hit Kill

There are basically 2 bugs which are the end all, when it comes to exploiting games. The first is the elusive dupe bug. The second is a 1-hit kill. That's what this cheat is about today. Where to get a

GW2: Find Exploits – Get Paid to Report and Verify them

You might be thinking that we're looking for someone to find us GW2 exploits, bugs, etc. In reality, ArenaNet is looking for someone to do it. If I lived near Bellevue Washington, I might be severely tempted. The value of

WoW-MoP: One Fan to Rule Them All!

Anyone want to duel?