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ESO PVP Guide PDF Download

The new ESO PVP Guide for Elder Scrolls online. We cover Siege Weapons, Skill Lines, Spell Rotations, Alliance Points, Advanced PVP Builds, PVP Skills, and more. This ESO PVP Guide was originally written and released about 1 year ago, and then

Battle Pirates: Updated Beginners Tips and Tricks

Since Battle Pirates first began, there have been many many updates to the game. This has rapidly changed the way the game should now be played, and it changes the advice I originally wrote for Battle Pirates, when I played

Starcraft 2: TvZ Thors & Hellions – anti Mutalisks strategy

As a Terran player I've been pretty frustrated for quite awhile against the Zerg race. I've been using the standard Tank/Marine combo but have found it to be lack luster for my playstyle. First off, I hate using Tanks against

Starcraft 2: Sick of using slow Siege Tanks in TvZ? Part 1

Has this ever happened to you? You're in a long game against the Zerg, macroing like crazy and you seem to be pulling ahead. But then it happens... You start to move forward with your massive army of Tanks & Marines when out of nowhere

SC2: New TvT Strat – Eionic Build

Ok, I understand the growing intensity of TvT. I've been taught a strat that may even be new to most of the community.  This is a new way to play the Terran vs Terran matchup that so many people dread so

SC2: Protoss 4-Gate Rush

written by Bossa A common strategy that many Protoss players use in order to put some early pressure on their enemies. In the lower leagues and some higher leagues, the push is so strong that you can win the game.

Starcraft 2: Terran vs Zerg – Hellion Harass Into Early Banshee Takedown

Written by D. Shi, Rank Gold Here's a Terran vs Zerg strategy that will put you in great position early in the game. If you like keeping your opponent on the defensive and guessing what you're gonna do next you'll

Starcraft 2: Zerg Build Order Secret Tactics

Setting up the right Zerg Build Orders will have a huge effect on your chances in the game. Victory or loss in battle can be determined by small but important changes in your Zerg build order. Below are 2 of

Starcraft 2: All-In Marine Cheese Build Order & Counters

The All-In Marine Cheese Build Order relies upon your ability to flood the enemy base with almost endless streams of marines. Its viable against all races, and can offer decisive and speedy victories if carried out properly. The build is even

Starcraft 2: Banshee Rush Build Order

In Starcraft 2, the Banshee is a powerful air-to-ground unit that is fairly easy to get and deals substantial amount of damage to ground units. The major weakness of this unit is that it is unable to attack air units.

League of Legends: Alistar Guide

Be ready to Master Alistar the Minotaur in Leagues of Legends! Dominate your opponents with the good combinations of skill and the deadliest strategies!

Starcraft 2: Fundamental Macro Tips

Macro in Strategy games refers to the actions you take keeping the overall overview of the game in mind. Macros in Starcraft 2 is primarily the process of building an army. A good macro gameplay means you can efficiently manage

Starcraft 2: 6 Terran tips and Techniques

Written by Leo Lambert As a Terran player, playing against highly experienced players who have much stronger tactics and strategies is frustrating especially when you keep losing time and time again. This short Starcraft 2 Terran guide will demonstrate some terran

Starcraft 2: Terran Marauder 10 Barracks Build

We are now going to cover a real aggressive Terran build order for all the Terran players out there. This Starcraft 2 Terran Tactic works real well against Protoss players, but can also be effective against Zerg. Basically its real

Starcraft 2: Zerg Baneling Bust, Build Order

Banelings are great for killing light units and taking out enemy choke points to stop any of your rush attempts. If you are facing a Terran player and you wish to rush then I recommend a Banelings to clear the

Starcraft 2: Roach Opener ZvZ: Preventing Surrounds

written by By Dennis Duhamel If your opponent opens with Speedling and Banelings, getting Roaches can be a very strong counter. Be sure to try to avoid getting surrounded by the Zerglings though, use terrain to your advantage.

Starcraft 2: Mothership Rush, Build Order

If the enemy gets this... (s)he wins, no way around it. I saw this in a tournament, and the Protoss won. The other guy wasn't expecting this at all! It's one of the reasons you need to heavily scout AND

Starcraft 2: Nigh Unstoppable 7-Roach Rush Build Order

This is a fairly fascinating build order in a number of respects. From a Starcraft perspective: it is incredibly strong. To be clear, I am certain virtually anyone who practiced this build and went onto the ladder and used it in

Starcraft 2: Ghost First Build Order for TvT

The Ghost First opening is a Terran opening designed around using Ghosts to start a transition into a Bio build for the late game. Ghosts, while rarely used in this matchup, are a powerful unit that are very effective at

Starcraft 2: Custom Build Order Creator

Ever wish you could choose the fastest way to achieve a particular build? Here is an application that generates Starcraft 2 build orders. You tell it how many units, buildings, or upgrades you want by a certain time, and it works

Starcraft 2: Terran vs Zerg – Hellions into Banshees Build Order

For this Terran Build Order, you need to constantly harass and force the massing of Zerglings and Roaches from the Zerg. This is perfect to use if there is not much anti-air forces, which is why we want to nudge