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Archeage Hexblade PVP Build & Guide

Archeage Hexblade PVP Build

The Archeage Hexblade PVP Build & Guide is a melee DPS class, which is based on Battlerage, Witchcraft, and Defense. This Archeage Hexblade PVP Build excels at mitigating damage and using crowd control (CC). By using weapon swapping, you will still

ArcheAge Group PvP Tier List

This ArcheAge Group PvP Tier List, is a breakdown of each of the classes which are the hardest to defeat. Some classes, it doesnt matter who is running them, they are simply the worst class for PvP. So use this ArcheAge Group

Archeage Healing Guide & Builds

Archeage Healing Guide

The Archeage Healing Guide includes everything needed for any player wanting to make their character a main healer including suggested builds. If you wish to create a secondary healer or a self sufficient healing character. What makes a character a

Sorcerer Tank Guide – Elder Scrolls Online

I will show you how you can create your own Sorcerer Tank with my Sorcerer Tank Guide. I have read many players talking about DK, NB and Temp tanks, and it always makes me wonder… do people really not know how amazing

WildStar Warrior Tanking Build & Guide

So a few weeks on into the game, I have learned and changed my WildStar Warrior Tanking build quite a bit. Its improved my TPS a crap load up to around 8k or 9k TPS. My survivability is great with over 11k

Templar Group Healing Guide for ESO

I have created this Templar Group Healing Guide, since I am now almost done with everything, and know my way about this class. I have completed almost all the different dungeons including veterans, except for trails. For the last couple of weeks I

Defiance Leveling guide + Castithan DLC Guides

Defiance Guru Guide

It's been a while since we have updated to the latest release of the Defiance Leveling guide, so I have decided to release it again, with it's added features, the Castithan Charge Pack, and DLC Pack guides. This Defiance Leveling guide contains

ESO Dragonknight Class Guide

I started to read a ESO Dragonknight Class Guide and realized that the information was actually pretty helpful. It's the first iteration of the ESO Dragonknight Class Guide, so it's limited in the amount of pages it actually has, but there is

Elder Scrolls Online Build guide all classes PDF download

Elder Scrolls Online Build guide all classes PDF download

With Elder Scrolls Online going live, you may have thought to find an Elder Scrolls Online Build guide. Look no further. This Elder Scrolls Online Build guide has all 4 classes; Nightblade, Dragonknight, Templar, and Sorcerer, covering both PVE and PVP

Secret World Strike Build – Elemental & Shotgun End Game DPS

Secret World Strike Build - Elemental and Shotgun – End Game DPS written and created by by Johrel The Secret World Strike Build takes advantage of synergies between strikes and uses critical hits to maximize damage output.  The build has been

Mabinogi Build Flame Alchemist Guide

Mabinogi Build Flame Alchemist Guide written by Noxctis Mabinogi Build Flame Alchemist Introduction I started off Mabinogi with no money or gold. Maybe some nx but I used it for pets. So making money, you have to learn to merchant a bit or

Hearthstone Rogue Aggro Deck

  Hearthstone Rogue Aggro Deck  written by Simplexity Introduction I wanted to share a very strong deck a friend @ legend rank shared with me. I’ve used this deck primarily climb from Rank 12 to Rank 3. I’ve also kept

Hearthstone 30 Legendaries Deck

Hearthstone 30 Legendaries Deck is a deck like no other which will either kill you quickly, or be your best friend. At lower rankings, it's your best friend, but at higher, we aren't so sure. The Hearthstone 30 Legendaries Deck is

Neverwinter DC Sentinel Tank PVP Build

Neverwinter DC Sentinel Tank PvP Build written by gctrl Typically what you see most Devoted Clerics doing when trying to increase their survival chance is to stack a significant amount of Regeneration (usually in the 1000-1400 range) However, when it

TSW Over Powered Regeneration Build & Guide

Often people try healing builds out only to realize the benefit of a passive that heals you 20, 30, or 40 HP/second is inconsequential past very early content. Theydon't want to  lock out a passive slot that could be used

The Secret World: Noob Guide to PVP

PvP allows players to test their mettle and skills against other live players. Every fight against them becomes a unique experience that will change every time they fight. Even if you play the same player 50 times, each of those 50

Rift: Overpowered 26k DPS Ranged and Melee Warrior Build

After I found the Rogue overpowered build, for maximum DPS, I began searching for other class builds which could do similar or better DPS. I have come across a new build based on the current patch, and it's only for

Hearthstone: Shaman Deck utilizing all Starter Cards

Even though I am somewhat new, I chose the Shaman Deck. Why? Cards are starters, Insane starter cards, Free creature (totem) each turn, Very powerful 0 MP cards. That being said, here's Fisher's Shaman starter deck:

Rift: Speedlevel 30-50 in 4 hours guide

Today, I worked with a friend, and we leveled my alt from 35-45 in 2 hours. He does this run with a lot of people, so he knows the ins and out of this particular speedlevel run. This, was a

Neverwinter: OP Control Wizard Pure Damage Build & Guide

This build, is what's commonly referred to as a “glass cannon” build. This means that it outputs high amounts of DPS, but can't really take much damage in turn. Its for those, who can dodge red circles and stay away

Neverwinter: Control Wizard Oppressor PvP Guide

I would like to share some knowledge on the oppressor PvP build. It's a tree that I enjoy a lot for this particular part of the game. I will not go in depth of analysis of every wizard encounter and

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