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Car Dupe Exploit Method – GTAV

For those looking for the Car Dupe Exploit in GTA5, here it is. Over the last few days, I have been teaching you how to clean dirty dupe plates and keep your account safe from being flagged for selling duped

Starcraft 2: Terran Marauder 10 Barracks Build

We are now going to cover a real aggressive Terran build order for all the Terran players out there. This Starcraft 2 Terran Tactic works real well against Protoss players, but can also be effective against Zerg. Basically its real

Starcraft 2: Complete Terran Building Units Guide

written by S. Williams Knowing and Understanding this guide, will help you to better master the game, as well as to better master your opponents. We at mmoexploiters, will be covering all the races here, so keep checking back, for the

Starcraft 2: Have SCV Repair Bunker from Inside

Put an SCV inside a bunker then right click the bunker. He'll start repairing any damage the bunker has sustained. Do note that this isn't autocast, so once he gets it to full health should the bunker take any additional

Starcraft 2 Bunker “Railway system”

This is a fun, neat little trick that can be used for transporting marines quickly, or just for some fun cheesing. I have used a similar method in actual games, with some interesting results. I have put 4 bunkers in